Two Spanish tourists infected with Zika virus in Cuba

Hundreds of thousands of Spanish tourists flock to Castro, Inc.’s apartheid resorts every year.

Sometimes, their vacation turns into a nightmare, but Spanish newspapers tend to ignore such stories — unlike British and Canadian newspapers, which often publish accounts of holidays gone wrong.

Usually, these stories lift a veil on the many horrors of life in Castrogonia.

Here is one such example.

Castro, Inc. boasts of its superior health care and its eradication of all sorts of diseases.

Official statistics always hide the truth, but the world’s news media continually cite whatever lies Castro, Inc. feeds them.

(See map below for a glaring example of journalistic gullibility)

Well, it seems that Zika has eluded their control, as proven by this story.

God only knows how many other such stories could be told about Cubans who live on the island.

From Translating Cuba:

Two women from Spain who traveled to Cuba together and suffered numerous insect bites were diagnosed with Zika, according to an announcement on Thursday from the Aragón Government.

Three days after their return from the island, the women, age 36 and 65, went to a clinic with joint pains and widespread itchy rashes, according to the Aragón weekly epidemiological bulletin. Serum and urine tests were positive for Zika but negative for Dengue and Chikungunya.

The women were told to use condoms and to avoid pregnancy for the next 6 months, as well as not to donate blood until 28 days after the symptoms had passed. A Zika epidemic in 2015 focused attention on this virus,which is associated with microcephaly in babies of infected mothers and in some cases with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

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