Pope Francis brazenly displays his preferential option for Marxist dictators

Okay, this one is a new benchmark for Papa Che.

During his visit to Chile Pope Francis has celebrated a Mass for all who suffered “injusticies” under the regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet.

And he is also meeting face-to-face with some Chileans who were the victims of imprisonment and torture under Pinochet.

Question: did he celebrate any Masses for those who suffered — and still suffer– “injustices” under the Castro regime in Cuba?

Question: Did he meet face-to-face with any of the tens of thousands of victims of the Castro regime?  Did he request to see any of the prisoners of conscience still locked up in Cuban prisons?

You know the answers.

Even worse than NOT celebrating any such Mass and NOT meeting with victims, and NOT calling the world’s attention to the brutal repression endured by Cubans at the hands of the Castro dynasty for SIX DECADES, Papa Che has spent time chatting and laughing with both Castro brothers and also posed for photos where he is beaming with delight, despite the fact that the Castro dynasty has tortured and killed tens of thousands more human beings than Pinochet ever did.

Question: Would he have behaved the same way with Pinochet in Chile if Pinochet were still alive and in power?

You know the answer to that too.

This Vicar of Christ makes no attempt to hide his preference for leftist dictators of the Marxist sort.

In Marxist Christianity — better known as “Liberation theology”– it is claimed that Jesus Christ commanded his followers to have a “preferential option for the poor and vulnerable.”  Never mind the awkwardness of the phrasing, so typical of leftist theobabble.  The point is that this so-called “preferential option” is at the very center of Marxist Christian redistributionist ethics, and also at the center of Papa Che’s political theology.

As he said not too long ago, revealing his own “preferential option for Marxist dictators, “inequality is the root of all evil.”

Yes, according to Papa Che the source of all evil in the world is not the human inclination to sin and all the brutality and violence engendered by that proclivity, but “inequality.”

Preferential option for Marxist military uniforms

Apparently, dictators who murder, imprison, and torture their opponents in the name of redistributionist “equality” are not evil, since their goal is to end inequality.   The end justifies the means.

Well… speaking of “inequality”: what about Papa Che’s UNEQUAL treatment of dictators?  Doesn’t that count as some kind of evil inequality, especially if one takes into account the extreme poverty created for 99 percent of Cubans by the Castro regime?

If his opposition to dictatorships were even-handed, like that of St. John-Paul II, then it would be divine and Christian, and a genuine “preferential option for the poor,” especially since Marxist dictators always increase poverty and make entire populations vulnerable to constant violence.
But his blatantly one-sided indignation — some would say — seems very unchristian.
Here is a brief excerpt from a report on his visit published in Popular (h.t. asombra):

“This celebration we offer for all those who suffered and died, and for whom every day carry on their shoulders the weight of so many injustices,” said Francisco, before asking for a minute of silence “in the face of so much pain and so much injustice.”

The reference to the crimes committed during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) anticipates the meeting that the Pope will have tomorrow, in his last activity on Chilean soil, when he is “face to face” with two victims of the military regime in the Iquique airport.

Whole article HERE in Spanish

Preferential option for Marxism

5 thoughts on “Pope Francis brazenly displays his preferential option for Marxist dictators”

  1. The “best” thing about Don Francisco is how openly and clearly he displays his perversity, most likely because he sees nothing wrong with it and may well see it as righteous. He is basically a political figure, not a spiritual leader. As the noted Argentine intellectual Juan José Pérez Sebreli has said, some secular politicians have tried to make a religion out of politics, but this pope is doing the reverse–using religion for political ends. There’s little more to say here; as far as I’m concerned, we’re talking about an abomination.

    And by the way, Sebreli, an agnostic who knows a thing or two about Bergoglio, has also said this pope is “tercermundista, populista y peronista.” Or, to put it another way, Latrineness in excelsis. Lord have mercy.

  2. But not to worry. I fully expect that the Archbishop of Miami, Thomas Wenski, can explain everything, as he should certainly be, uh, urged to do by Cuban-American Catholics in his area.

  3. At least Pinochet could dress the part, unlike the Cuban clowns, who were military men like I’m a Martian.

  4. Again, there has never been any sign from this pope, neither in terms of words or deeds or even body language, that he sees the totalitarian Castro tyranny for what it is and duly abhors and condemns it. But it’s even worse than that, because there have been plenty of signs, very overt and public ones, that he complacently accepts it and even finds it congenial–and there is absolutely no question he would NOT behave that way with a right-wing dictatorship, given his demonstrated antipathy for anything right of center, including the current perfectly democratic president of his own country, Argentina (whom he received and treated at the Vatican far more coldly than the despicable witch Hebe Bonafini).

    As I said, there’s really no gray area here, and the man really should not be wearing white.

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