SHOCKING! Cuba’s ‘retiring’ dictator Raul Castro nominated to parliament

Unexpected news broke yesterday that is sending shock waves through Cuba and leftist academia all over the world. Cuban dictator Raul Castro, who claims to be “retiring” in a few months, has been nominated to Cuba’s communist parliament. This news comes as a total surprise to the media and “Cuba Experts” who for months have been touting the retirement of the dictator as the end of the Castro era in Cuba.

Actually, it is not shocking and no surprise at all. The Castro family dictatorship has no intention of giving up power in Cuba and will never voluntarily do so. Anyone who is claiming such tripe is either a fool or a liar. And in some cases, both.

Via Miami’s CBS4 Local News:

Raul Castro Nominated For Cuba’s Parliament

HAVANA (CBSMiami) — Cuba’s nominating commissions have chosen their candidates for their next parliament – the group which will select the island nation’s next president this year.

This as Cuban President Raul Castro, 86, is expected to retire as president but he might not be completely out of the picture.

According to CBS4 News partner, the Miami Herald, Castro was selected as a candidate for Cuba’s parliament, the National Assembly of People’s Power, by the Segundo Frente municipality in Santiago de Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba is considered the cradle of the Cuban revolution.

While he says he’s planned on retiring after serving two five-year terms as president, it is not law in Cuba.

Castro has also made no mention of retiring as the head of Cuba’s powerful Communist Party.

Cuban voters will vote on the parliament picks on March 11th.

From there, Cuba’s parliament is expected to vote for the country’s next leader on April 19th.

2 thoughts on “SHOCKING! Cuba’s ‘retiring’ dictator Raul Castro nominated to parliament”

  1. The office of “president” by itself is an empty shell which can be occupied by someone without any real power, as has been the case before–and I mean for years. What really matters in practical terms is who is the head of Cuba’s Communist Party, and the faux general will remain in that position, meaning he will still be in charge. It is believed that the plan is for him to hold out till 2021, at which point his son would assume that post to continue the dynasty–again, he wouldn’t need to be “president.”

  2. You know, I have a feeling that no matter how big the fraud, if it can be sustained long enough, the perpetrator comes to feel “validated” and genuine–especially if the fraud is generally accepted as legitimate by most everybody else. Such is the case of a certain four-star general who is absolutely no such thing and never was or could be–except in Bizarro World. I mean, even opposition figures dignify him as such, and of course the usual suspects do, so what’s the problem? Well, for starters, even someone as inflated as Obama wouldn’t presume to be such a thing. Really, it’s too North Korean for words.

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