After his corruption conviction was upheld, judge orders passport seizure of Brazil’s former president Lula da Silva

Sometimes justice is swift, other times it takes a long while to make its appearance. And in more cases than we would like, it does not come through until the culprit goes to their final judgment. For Brazil’s corrupt former president, Lula da Silva, justice was not necessarily swift, but neither does it appear to be all that slow. It appears justice will not be affording da Silva the luxury of living out his life in impunity for his crimes as was the case with his good buddy Fidel Castro.

Via the BBC:

Brazil judge seizes ex-President Lula’s passport

A federal judge in Brazil has seized the passport of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and banned him from leaving the country.

Judge Ricardo Leite is investigating allegations that Lula illegally lobbied on behalf of a Swedish firm that sold military jets to Brazil.

On Wednesday, an appeals court unanimously upheld his conviction for corruption in a separate case.

The former president says he is the victim of political persecution.

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) agreed in 2013 to pay Sweden’s Saab $4.5bn (£3.1bn) for 36 fighter jets.

Saab beat competition from US giant Boeing and France’s Dassault.

The negotiations were initiated during Lula’s term in office but were concluded by his successor Dilma Rousseff.

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