Dems to Trump: “Yo quiero marchas no soluciones”

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President Trump has a message to “dreamers”:  a path to citizenship plus security & changes to outdated immigration laws.   It is an incredibly fair offer.   It allows more than the 800,000 to stay in the US.

As expected, Democrats say no.    Why?   Because they want marches not solutions!   Senator Schumer and Rep, Pelosi do not want President Trump to sign the law that accomplishes what Democrat majorities never did.

Let’s remember that President Obama & Democrat majorities never passed immigration reform or The Dream Act.

The Democrats will lose this battle more decisively than they lost the shutdown debate last week.

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1 thought on “Dems to Trump: “Yo quiero marchas no soluciones””

  1. Schumer’s dems are now the equivalent of Abbas’s Palestinians. No deal is better than a good deal.
    They would rather have the optic of their standing firm for their ridiculous reasons, than have a solution that would make Trump or the Israelis accomplish anything. They would rather refuse solutions that will help their people than make Trump look like a good facilitator/negotiator.

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