President Trump’s SOTU Address: Dictatorships in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea called out by name

In his first State of the Union Address, President Trump laid out a foreign policy vision that continues the effort to repair the massive damage done to U.S. interests by his predecessor. The appeasement and submissiveness of Obama’s foreign policy served only to embolden America’s enemies. Trump appears to be on a mission to reverse that trend of weakness and timidity and return the U.S. to a position of strength on the world stage.

Trump’s announcement that he had just signed an order to keep the Guantanamo Bay prison open was in direct opposition to Obama’s promised but never delivered edict to close it down. But what truly distanced Trump’s foreign policy from his predecessor’s was his willingness to identify and call out America’s enemies.

Trump named Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea as enemies of the U.S. While the previous administration bent over backwards to not insult or provoke these murderous and corrupt dictatorships, President Trump called them out by name.

These dictatorships are indeed the new “Axis of Evil” that threatens the world and the sooner the U.S. and the free world recognizes them as such, the sooner they will be defeated and the people of those countries set free.

Via The Kansas City Star:

Trump’s axis of evil: Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and North Korea

President Donald Trump targeted four “communist and socialist dictatorships” in his first State of the Union address, creating his own version of former President George Bush’s “axis of evil.”

In a speech that was laregly seen as unifying, Trump singled out Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and North Korea as rogue nations that the United States must and will continue to confront.

“My administration has also imposed tough sanctions on the communist and socialist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela,” Trump said, pausing to allow lawmakers to stand and applause.


The comments toward Cuba reflect Trump’s hardened tone toward the island nation after President Barack Obama sought to build a greater rapport with Havana. The Trump administration has been investigating the mysterious sonic attacks against U.S. diplomats in Cuba. The Trump administration has already pulled much of the U.S embassy staff from Havana and expelled 15 of their Cuban counterparts working in Washington.


In Tuesday’s speech, Trump promised to stand with the people of Iran against its “corrupt” government, but he paid particular attention to North Korea whose ““reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles,” Trump said, represented a real threat to the U.S. homeland.

“We need only look at the depraved character of the North Korean regime to understand the nature of the nuclear threat it could pose to America and our allies,” Trump said.

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