Breaking News: Fidelito Castro kills himself ….. maybe? Whether it’s suicide or homicide is uncertain. But he is definitely dead.

Prince without a crown

The Castro regime news media report that Fidel’s oldest son, Fidelito, has committed suicide.

Very unusual, for sure.

Personal details of this nature are not normally revealed when the person involved is a member of the Castro dynasty.

To paraphrase Hamlet, something smells rotten in the kingdom of Castrogonia.

The Ministry of Truth attributes the suicide to depression.

But… one must wonder about the timing of all this, as King Raul approaches his sideways shuffle from the public throne to a hidden one, and issues of succession are at stake.

Think Game of Thrones.  Think Sopranos.  Think Godfather….

As for Fidelito: who can imagine what it was like to have Fidel for a father and Raul for an uncle?

Fidel kidnapped him at a young age, after he divorced his mother.  And that was just at the beginning of a very miserable life.

Miserable it must have been, yes, but he did live like the prince he was, along with all the other princes and princesses of the Castro dynasty.

Will he get his own junior-sized rock, or share the jumbo Flintstone tomb with his father?

From the masters of understatement at the BBC:

The 68-year-old son of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart, has died in Havana after taking his own life, according to Cuba’s state media.

He was found on Thursday morning and is said to have suffered from depression.

Popularly known as “Fidelito”, he was the first-born son of the former president, who died in November 2016.

Castro Díaz-Balart worked as a nuclear physicist having trained in the former Soviet Union.

“Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, who had been treated by a group of doctors for several months due to deep depression, took his life this morning,” Cuba’s official newspaper Granma reported.

State television said he had been receiving medical treatment as an outpatient in recent months, following a hospital stay.

At the time of his death, he was a scientific adviser for the Cuban Council of State and he served as vice president of Cuba’s Academy of Sciences.

His professional profile says he authored several books during his life, and represented the country academically at international events around the world.

The television announcement said his funeral would be planned by his family, but no further details were given.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Fidelito Castro kills himself ….. maybe? Whether it’s suicide or homicide is uncertain. But he is definitely dead.”

  1. Great news… If only the rest of the family and their inner circle followed suit. These vile frauds have way too much agony and national destruction to their name for me to feel any sorrow. They are all a cancer.

    Mind you, Fidelito was never Mariela. Actually, Fidel’s side of the family was always less detestable and not as classless as the Raul’s. Raul being, as we all know, a bigger degenerate.

    Among them Fidelito always gave off an air of class and objectivity, if only on the surface. Perhaps that’s why Fidel did not prime him as his successor even if that was his original desire – for the Orwellian nightmare has indeed lasted that long.

    Then again, Fidelito tried too look like Fidel as much as he could (minus the crazy eyes). That alone shows that Fidelito wasn’t going to stand up to anything. Who knows if he ever tried or desired to, I highly doubt it. After all, if this is real, he died like a coward, without taking vengeance and without making a statement. He was no more than an appendage and apparently he did not have the cojones and the moral to be anything but that.

  2. He never had his own life. He had to play a lousy role for the sake of a man who cheated on his mother before and after marrying her, who never loved her or any woman or any of his children, just as he didn’t love his parents or siblings. Fidelito wasn’t even Fidel’s first-born; that was Jorge Ángel Castro Laborde, born some months earlier to a housemaid Fidel had knocked up. The faux first-born was no rocket scientist, as they say, and his degree and career had everything to do with whose son he was. Evidently, his character was not especially useful to Fidel, which is why so little was done with him, and that probably means he took after his mother.

    As to the “assisted suicide” suspicions, I doubt it. He was never a contender and neither real competition nor threat to the more ambitious. In a way, he was like the proverbial “hijo bobo,” too lackluster and prosaic to be taken seriously. There may also be a Fredo (Corleone) element involved, and that could have played a role in his suicide. He was pushing 70; his side of the family is not the one poised to inherit power, and maybe he was feeling increasingly useless, pointless–and yes, fraudulent. Depressing, alright.

    However, it turns out he made an apparently successful or at least normal official trip to Japan just four months ago, as the head of a Cuban delegation to a scientific forum there, which seems to contradict the official story regarding his prolonged major depression. I’m not one to give official Castro explanations the benefit of the doubt, but I still can see no reason why he would be eliminated.

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