Super Bowl Sunday Repression Update number 1: Cuban dissident beaten, tortured

As many in the U.S. get ready to snack all day and watch the Super Bowl, Cubans in Castrogonia continue to endure deprivation and repression.

Here is a reminder of what goes on down there every single day of the year…

loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Cuban dissident Arianna Lopez Roque, who spent 13 days on hunger strike to demand respect for the rights of her husband, Mitzael Díaz Paseiro, offered details of the encounter with the political prisoner in the fearsome Santa Clara prison known as the Pre Tensado.

Lopez Roque said that her husband still has the marks of the beatings and tortures that he endured at the hands of prison guards. She thinks that they did not let her see him until now because his physical condition would have been very noticeable due to the mistreatment he received.

The activist blamed the communist regime of General Raul Castro for anything that could happen to Díaz Paseiro, because she fears for her life, since she knows “what the dictatorship is capable of doing with its opponents,” he said in the program. of Radio Martí, Cuba al Día.

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