Marxist narco-terrorist candidate for president in Colombia gets pelted with eggs and rocks at campaign stop

Timochenko’s vehicle after the people of Armenia, Colombia were done letting him know how they feel about his candidacy for president.

The spurious peace deal negotiated in Cuba between Colombia’s President Santos and the narco-terrorist group FARC was rejected by the Colombian people. In a nationwide vote, the so-called peace deal that was in effect a surrender by the government to the terrorist group was repudiated. Nevertheless, Santos circumvented their voice and pushed it through anyway, granting legitimacy and political power to a terrorist organization that traffics in narcotics and has murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Colombians.

Thanks to the work of the Castro dictatorship and the corruption of President Santos, the leader of the terrorist group, Rodrigo “Timochenko” Londoño is now running for president of Colombian. The Colombian people, however, have not forgotten the decades of terror they were subjected to by FARC. During a campaign stop in the town of Armenia, Timochenko was greeted by eggs and rocks thrown at his vehicle. Security personnel had to rush him away from the scene and into hiding.

The AP via Fox News:

Hostile homecoming for ex-rebel seeking Colombia presidency

It was a hostile homecoming for former guerrilla leader Rodrigo Londono as he campaigned for Colombia’s presidency in the coffee-growing region he abandoned four decades ago to join the rebels.

Londono’s trip to his hometown of La Tebaida on Saturday was touted by his supporters as a chance to canvass for votes with a message of hope and justice for the poor.

But it was nearly wrecked before even beginning when he was chased out of the nearby city of Armenia a day earlier.

A video circulating on social media showed the moment when Londono, wearing bulletproof vest, had to be hurried out of a building by his nervous bodyguards past a small group of hecklers waiting for him. Later, riot police had to be called in to control an angry mob that to shouts of “assassin” and “rapist” pelted his armored SUV with eggs and violently ripped off a plastic spoiler from the roof.

Londono, who is better known by his nom de guerre Timochenko, dismissed the incidents as the work of a small group of right-wing extremists bent on sabotaging implementation of the 2016 peace accord between the government and his Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

“The smear campaign of the last 50 years produces these consequences,” he said in a statement. “It’s understandable that people have prejudices. But little by little we will get our message across and change those impressions.”

While the former guerrillas have kept their promise to disarm, many Colombians are reluctant to turn a page on a conflict that left at least 250,000 dead, another 60,000 missing and more than 7 million displaced. Polls show support for Timochenko ahead of the presidential election in May hovering in the low single digits.

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Here are a couple of videos from the incident: