Surprise! Super-positive spin placed on Havana Book Fair

Michael Voss of the Ministry of Truth

Castrogonia’s Book Fair is getting a lot of attention, and, as usual, the coverage is all super-positive.

Tour agencies are already booking trips for next year’s wonderful book fair.

Never mind that story we posted recently about the fate of an alternative literary event in Havana crushed by the Castro regime.

Search Google for “Cuba News” and you will find glowing reports about the Castro Book Fair from all of the top news outlets of the Castro Ministry of Truth.

Naturally,  positive coverage is coming from the various Ministries of Truth of other repressive hell-holes.

Here are some quotes taken from an article by communist hack  Michael Voss at CGTN (China Global Television Network), in blood-red font, with some decoding in black font.

Cuba’s International Book Fair showcases country’s love of literature

Cuba’s International Book Fair is a celebration of literature. In many countries, book festivals are for the publishers. In Cuba, it’s all about the book-lover. The fair attracts tens of thousands of avid readers….

Yes, yes, yes, it’s all about the book-loving reader, yes, for sure: it’s all about keeping the reader well-supplied with the correct kind of texts and preventing the reader from accessing the wrong kind of texts.

…The Havana International Book Fair is held in a sprawling colonial era fortress overlooking Havana, its narrow passageways packed with people eager to see what’s for sale…

Yes, it’s a charming colonial era fortress, for sure, and it’s known as La Cabaña, which served as a prison and extermination center for opponents of the Castro regime… oh, but never mind all that nastiness… the blood was cleaned up some time ago.

Charming execution wall (paredon) at colonial era fortress

…Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world and locally published books are heavily subsidized. But there aren’t that many bookshops, and selection is limited. This annual fair is an opportunity for people to broaden their horizons and stock up on books for the rest of the year… 

Yes, yes, Cuba has a high literacy rate, for sure, but why does it have so few books or bookshops?  Gee, Mildred… that doesn’t make much sense does it?  Maybe it’s because of the “blockade”?   Oh, but those Cubans do love to “broaden their horizons” by absorbing more and more propaganda from their Ministry of Truth.

…This year, the fair has attracted publishers, exhibitors and authors from around 40 countries. A lot of what is available is non-fiction; the first title one saw on entering the main stand was a book on U.S. President Donald Trump. ..

What a shock!  The first title one finds at this book fair is “El Mundo Segun Trump,” (The World According to Trump).  Look at this, Cubans can read about Trump, even though he is Castro, Inc.’s least favorite American president.  Gee, Mildred, I wonder what kind of slant this book might have?

Top best-seller at the fair

…This year’s Guest Nation of Honor at the book fair is China, which has its own pavilion. They have translated a number of books into Spanish for the event, and its sales tent has done a brisk business…

Another great surprise!  Imagine that, China is bringing lots of books in Spanish to Cuba!  China, of course, is as well known for publishing books in Spanish as it is for freedom of expression and freedom of the press, and also for having absolutely no interest in turning Cuba into a colony of sorts.  As for that “brisk business”… well, what might one expect when Chinese books outnumber all others?

… Once the fair ends in Havana, it moves on to all the other provinces in the country. The number of books sold is one sign of success. Another goal is to ensure the next generation of Cubans don’t lose their love of books….

Yes, yes, yes!  This is all about selling books to one of the poorest nations on earth, sure, and about making sure Cubans don’t lose their love of books, yes, yes, yes,  love for the correct kind of books, of course.   As for that number of books sold, it helps to keep an old saying in mind: “in regione caecorum rex est luscus” (in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king).

Read the whole piece HERE… if you’re hankering for propaganda from the Ministry of Truth

Next generation of readers

3 thoughts on “Surprise! Super-positive spin placed on Havana Book Fair”

  1. Even when Cuba was a normal country where people didn’t have to spend all their time and energy foraging for basic necessities, Cubans were never “literary” or bookish. This is just another PR move for Castro, Inc., and the China angle is hilarious. Talk about un cuento chino.

  2. As for holding this event, or any comparable one, in a place with such horrendous history–literally drenched in innocent blood–I don’t think it’s a casual coincidence. I see it as a kind of black humor, and a way to make participants tacitly approve the horror, which is in fact what they’re doing. Truly revolting.

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