Marriott International bows to pressure from communist China, apologizes for ‘wrongful Twitter like’

One of the funniest ironies you will find in those who invoke “freedom” to justify their right to do business with despotic and corrupt dictatorships is how quickly and easily they are willing to give up their own freedom to continue doing business with despotic and corrupt dictatorships.

Via the Dissident:

Marriott’s “Wrongful Twitter Like” and the New Chinese Censorship

February 13 marks Tibetan Independence Day. One hundred and five years ago today, the 13th Dalai Lama broke away from the collapsing Qing Empire and proclaimed Tibet an independent nation. Since 1951, however, Tibet has been occupied by the People’s Republic of China. The 14th Dalai Lama lives in exile in Dharamsala, India. Any mention of him on the international stage is enough to send Beijing and its minions into fits of apoplexy.

Unfortunately, not only is Tibet today occupied territory, but global corporations are falling all over themselves to apologize for even suggesting that Tibet is anything but an “integral part” of China. Why? Because they desperately fear losing access to the lucrative Chinese market, either because of an edict from Beijing or after drowning in a sea of online nationalist outrage whipped up by tabloid media.

The seemingly endless CEO apology tour began in January, when it was discovered that Delta Airlines listed Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as countries separate from China on their website. The Civil Aviation Administration of China “demanded an ‘immediate and public apology’” from Delta, which it swiftly received. Chinese state-backed media reported that 24 airlines had similar online country categorizations, prompting a flurry of self-correction.

Marriott International was next. The global hotel chain’s website and booking app were blocked in China until amends were made.

However, Marriott’s sins went further than listing Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as independent countries. It was soon discovered that an employee had “wrongfully liked” a tweet posted by the human rights NGO Friends of Tibet. The employee was promptly sacked. Next, among the stacks of cardboard display books in a Marriott hotel lobby in Chongli, a mock copy of David Kilgour and David Matas’ Bloody Harvest: The Killing of Falun Gong for Their Organs was discovered. A Marriott representative confirmed that hotel management was “assisting” the Chinese state security services “with their enquiries” about the incident.

Descending into self-parody, Marriott dusted off Maoist rhetoric and declared an “eight-point rectification plan” to win back Chinese trust. “To regain confidence and trust, the first thing is to admit the mistake, then fix it, and it would come back slowly as we prove we really mean what we say,” said Craig S. Smith, president and managing director of Marriott’s Asia-Pacific office to the Chinese state-backed tabloid China Daily. “This [was] a huge mistake, probably one of the biggest in my career.”

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  1. Marriott’s CEO, Arne Sorenson, being the same outspoken Democrap criticizing President Trump’s Executive Order 13769 and its successors (the so-called “Muslim Ban) as potentially harmful to the U.S. tourism industry.

    He has also urged President Trump to improve relations with Castrolandia, including harnessing tourism as a strategic tool for this purpose. Typical…

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