Japan gives 10 million dollar gift to Castro, Inc.

Be my Valentine!

Japan is romancing the Castro regime.

Happy Valentine’s Day, King Raul!

You just received a 10 million dollar slightly-delayed Valentine’s gift for waste disposal equipment, so tourists  won’t  encounter any piles of trash during their “dream holidays” in your apartheid paradise.

How romantic!

Whether the new equipment will be used beyond the boundaries of the tourist zones remains to be seen.

Lucky you, King Raul, you’ve got so many suitors: Russia, China, Iran, Spain, and now Japan.

But who’s the fairest of them all?

Havana for Cubans

Translated from Marti Noticias:

The Japanese donation will allow “optimizing the collection and final disposal of solid waste” in the city, “a priority for the country,” comment local media.

Japan donated $ 10 million dollars to Cuba for the purchase of specialized cleaning equipment for Havana, as part of Japan’s development aid program, EFE news agency reported, citing Cuban state media.

The non-reimbursable Japanese government financial assistance will allow “optimizing the collection and final disposal of solid waste” in the city, “a priority for the country” that will celebrate in 2019 the five centuries of its capital, indicates a note from the agency press officer.

The donation was made official during the visit to Cuba by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Masahisa Sato, who signed the agreement with the first deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex) in Cuba, Antonio Luis Carricarte.

Havana for Cubans

The Japanese diplomat announced that the permanent office of the International Cooperation Agency of Japan (JICA) will officially open in Havana on March 9, a step towards strengthening the economic ties between both nations.

Masahisa Sato highlighted the dialogue with the Mincex authorities about the work of the Private Public Committee of Cuba-Japan Bilateral Cooperation, which should meet in the first months of this year and that deals specifically with commercial and investment initiatives.

Relations between Tokyo and Havana have  increased in the last three years.

The re-launching of bilateral ties highlights the visits to the Cuban capital of the Japanese Foreign Minister, Fumio Kishida, in 2015, and of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in 2016.

The Cuban first vice president Miguel Diaz-Canel also traveled to Japan that year.

Very romantic Castro-style Valentine

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  1. Castro, Inc. IS trash, and the Japanese should absolutely know better than to soil themselves with it, especially when there’s so little in it for them. It’s perfectly “natural” for the Latrines to wallow in Castro shit, but I would have expected far better from Japan. Talk about unforced error.

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