Violent arrests of 30 Ladies in White and human rights activists in Cuba mark another Sunday of repression on the island
Photo: Angel Moya

The Ladies in White along with other Cuban human rights activists suffered yet another Sunday of repression in Cuba as the Castro dictatorship unleashed its State Security thugs to arrest the peaceful protestors. By the end of the day, 30 of the activists had been arrested to prevent them from attending church and carrying out their peaceful protest march campaign, #TodosMarchamos (we all march).

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

Dissidents denounce the arrest of thirty Ladies in White and human rights activists

Angel Moya, former prisoner of conscience from the Group of 75, informed Diario de Cuba that the regime arrested thirty Ladies in White and other activists to prevent them from attending mass and participating in the #TodosMarchamos campaign for the release of political prisoners.

According to the preliminary data compiled by Moya, the majority of the arrests of the Ladies in White took place in Matanzas (19). Furthermore, seven arrests were reported in Havana, one in Guantanamo, and another in Santa Clara. Two human rights activists were also arrested.

Twenty women were able to reach churches in different parts of the country, said Moya.

Upon stepping out of the Ladies in White headquarters in Lawton, Havana, Maria Cristina Labrada and Berta Soler, the leader of the all-women group, were immediately arrested. Visible in a photo provided by Moya, Soler carried a poster that read “Revolution is repression” and also noted this was the 135th Sunday of repression against the #TodosMarchamos campaign.

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