1968: We won the Tet offensive on the ground but lost it on the front pages

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Many years ago this week, US soldiers dealt a huge defeat to the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops in the Vietnam War.

It came to be known as The Tet Offensive:

“Militarily, Tet was decidedly an Allied victory, but psychologically and politically, it was a disaster.

The offensive was a crushing military defeat for the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese, but the size and scope of the communist attacks had caught the American and South Vietnamese allies completely by surprise.

The early reporting of a smashing communist victory went largely uncorrected in the media and led to a psychological victory for the communists. “

Shame on the news media. Indeed, we were caught by surprise but US troops fought back and stopped the offensive. Unfortunately, President Johnson was so weak that he could not go over the news media. He allowed the news media to tell us that Tet was a defeat when it really wasn’t.

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2 thoughts on “1968: We won the Tet offensive on the ground but lost it on the front pages”

  1. Thank you, Walter Cronkite. Every time I see a picture of the old camaján, who was as much of a false front as JFK, I want to puke. There’s no telling how much suffering and death could have been avoided if he’d simply told the truth as opposed to what suited his unbelievably presumptuous agenda. May he not RIP.

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