Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: Socialist Starvation

Good socialist puma

Every now and then a new report on Venenozuela’s woes surfaces.

Today it’s the Daily Mail’s turn, and the focus is starvation.

But, as one might expect, the British tabloid blames all the suffering on “lower petroleum prices” rather than on the Bolivarian socialist experiment directed from Havana by the Castro regime.

Yeah.  Read it and weep.

Levels of poverty in Venezuela have become so acute that workers at a zoo are slaughtering animals to feed others, staff have told the AFP news agency.

They say that two emaciated pumas are serving as ‘poster kids’ of sorts for the distressing state of affairs.

The bone-thin pumas were saved from poachers,  but recent photos of them published in the Panorama newspaper have shocked people across what was once an oil-rich country but is now saddled by hyperinflation and acute food and medicine shortages – largely as a result of lower petroleum prices.

The big cats were skinny when they first arrived at the zoo in the town of San Francisco in Zulia state near the Colombian border.

They initially got better, but as Venezuela’s latest crisis started to take effect ‘it is as if they shrank’, one zoo worker said.

Socialist paradise: gourmet garbage diet

A male and a female Andean condor, born in captivity and brought to the park as part of a breeding program to save the endangered species, have gone weeks without being fed properly.

Two birds of prey were so hungry they cannibalized a cage mate, staff said, while a Bengal tiger an elderly lion have also lost weight.

To get around the lack of meat, zoo officials started hunting iguanas, which run wild in the zoo, and fishing tilapia from lagoons in the facility.

The zoo has also been hit by a series of thefts since the country descended into economic chaos. In 2016, at least 40 animals including a tapir were stolen – it is thought by people looking to salvage meat.

The minimum wage, equivalent to £40 a month at the official exchange rate, is barely enough to buy 4.5 pounds of meat.

In 2016 at the Caricuao Zoo in Caracas, a horse was killed by assailants who salvaged its flesh to eat. In the state of Falcon, two wild pigs were stolen from a zoo.

Peacocks and other birds have also been stolen from Bararida Zoo in Barquisimeto, 155 miles southwest of Caracas, said Carlos Silva, a veterinarian who has worked there for 13 years.

It is not just animal in zoos that are suffering. Large numbers of people are abandoning their pet dogs in cities of the country because they are unable to feed and vaccinate them, newspaper reports say.

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