Castro, Inc. Cigar fest brings in $$$$$$ from unprincipled louts

Slaves at work for $30 a month

A festival celebrating slave labor was held in Castrogonia this week.

And, as in days of yore, the slave labor brought in big bucks for their owners.

The slave owner –the Castro regime– raked in the profit of their slaves’ hard work, as visitors to the festival paid outrageously high prices for Cuban cigars.

The event was heavily promoted by tour companies.

And many of those in attendance came from China, where cigar-smoking has become very popular.

Never mind the fact that the cigars were produced with slave labor.  No one at the festival cared about that.

As usual, the Castro regime disguised the festival as a “humanitarian” event, claiming that the proceeds would go straight into Castro, Inc.’s shamefully inadequate health system.

You have to hand it to those Castronoids.  They sure know how to create very effective smokescreens for their crimes against humanity.

From Granma East (Xinhua)

Over 2,000 participants from 70 countries visited the 20th Habanos Cigar Festival here Friday, with the event being one of the world’s largest ones on premium cigars and a fundraiser for Cuba’s health system.

The annual festival also featured an auction of cigar humidor boxes for 1.829 million U.S. dollars, which will fund the country’s public health system.

At a gala dinner and auction to wrap up the five-day event, the participants bid on the cigar boxes, which are considered collectors’ items. Many of the boxes had a large amount of premium cigars in them.

During the event, cigar aficionados had the opportunity to see and taste novelties in the Cuban tobacco industry.

One of the humidors was bought by Alex Wong from Hong Kong for 307,925 dollars. Wong is a cigar lover who not only will take home a piece of art, but also an exclusive line of Cuban habanos made especially for the occasion.

“It’s very exciting for me, this humidor is a beautiful piece of art. Not only do I have the honor to bring it home, but the money is for a really good cause,” Wong told Xinhua minutes after purchasing the piece.

As part of the week-long event, participants also visited tobacco plantations and historical cigar factories.

Currently the main clients of Cuban cigars are customers in Spain, France, and China.

Yep, Massah, we all damn happy bein’ your slaves!

2 thoughts on “Castro, Inc. Cigar fest brings in $$$$$$ from unprincipled louts”

  1. My grandfather had a small tobacco business. He always had a cigar in his mouth, and he loved that business, not so much for the money as for the craft—it was like his hobby, his baby. The “revolution,” of course, did away with that, like pretty much everything else. He was never the same afterwards; my mother used to say that más nunca levantó la cabeza. I always remember that, but then again, I remember a lot of things, though not nearly as many as my parents would have. I don’t know how they could cope, except by blocking it out, but I am not full of smoldering anger and cold contempt for nothing.

  2. I suppose one could take the Mammy business as a form of satire, whereby Cubans not only get some real money out of amoral “clueless” tourists, but also implicitly expose them for what they are. I mean, this shit could hardly be more fake, and those who don’t see that are either really stupid or really bigoted–or both.

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