Cuban-American in line for key White House post?

According to The Wall Street Journal Mercedes “Mercy” Schlapp (née Viana), the White House director of strategic communications, is being mentioned as a possible replacement for communications director Hope Hicks,  who resigned this week.

Schlapp is a Cuban whose father spent six years in a Castro dungeon as a political prisoner.

She is married to Matt Schlapp,  chairman of the American Conservative Union. They have five daughters.

Mercedes hails from Miami –St. Brendan High and FIU –and has been an outspoken critic of the Castro regime.  Eighteen years ago, she organized prayer vigils for Elian Gonzalez.

In 2016, The Hill included her in their list of the 50 most beautiful Washingtonians.

At this point her promotion is nothing but rumor.

Many news outlets aren’t mentioning the fact that she’s Cuban, but the one and only Daily Mail is making a big deal out of it.

Deja ver que pasa…. Let’s see what happens next…

From the Daily Mail:

Mercedes Schlapp – a first generation Cuban immigrant and NRA board member – is tipped to replace Hope Hicks as President Donald Trump’s fifth communications director.

The 45 year old is currently the White House director of strategic communications, but she could be looking at a promotion since Hicks resigned on Wednesday.

If offered the position, she would be the Trump administration’s fifth communications director, following Hicks, Anthony Scaramuchi, Mike Dubke and Sean Spicer.

Schlapp’s husband told MSNBC on Thursday that his wife would be interested in the role after working for the White House since September 2017.

White House chief of staff John Kelly is said to be looking at Schlapp as Hicks’ replacement after she leaves in the coming weeks, according to Politico

…Schlapp, who holds the job Hicks had before she was promoted, could be the next person to take the position…

… Schlapp has been a vocal proponent of ‘religious freedom’ laws designed to allow businesses to refuse to carry out tasks that contradict their beliefs.

She also became a member of the NRA’s Board of Directors in 2015. But it is unclear if she is still a member because her name is no longer listed on the organization’s website. ..

… Schlapp’s interest in politics and ability to lead were inspired by her father, Jose, who was a political prisoner during the Castro regime in Cuba.

Six years in the gulag

He was imprisoned by the government for six years after he became vocal against Fidel Castro.

‘He taught me since I was a little girl to always fight to protect America’s freedom and democracy,’ she said in 2016 in an interview with The Hill.

‘I felt I was called to do something bigger, greater than myself, and that’s what drew me to Washington.’

Her father was outspoken and critical of Castrol, which influenced him to become a freedom fighter and ultimately be thrown in jail.

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