Castro dictatorship’s totalitarian nature on display with expulsion of former presidents from Colombia and Bolivia

Tuto Quiroga and Andres Pastrana on their flight out of Cuba after the Castro dictatorship kicked them out of the country.

Throughout its 59-year history, Cuba’s apartheid Castro regime has shown itself to be a ruthless and murderously repressive dictatorship. Nonetheless, although its totalitarian nature has been well documented and is undeniable, the Cuban dictatorship enjoys impunity for its crimes against humanity.

On Wednesday, the former president of Colombia, Andres Pastrana, and the former president of Bolivia, Tuto Quiroga, were detained at the airport in Havana upon their arrival. After being held for several hours, the two men were denied entry and kicked out of the country. The reason for their expulsion? They were in Cuba to receive a human rights award from a dissident organization.

For any other country, this would have caused an international diplomatic scandal. But for Cuba’s Castro dictatorship, there is nary a whimper of protest from the international community. For nearly six decades, Cuba’s totalitarian dictatorship has been able to get away with virtually anything. No matter how boldly they flaunt their totalitarian nature, the world community just lights another Cuban cigar, takes a sip of their Mojito, and looks the other way.

Orlando Avedaño reports in PanAm Post:

Pastrana and Quiroga Deportation Reveals Castro is as Totalitarian as Ever

While the world has largely condemned Maduro, it has largely given the equally brutal Castro regime a free pass.

The Castro dictatorship yesterday refused entry to former presidents Andrés Pastrana of Colombia, and Jorge Quiroga of Bolivia. Both traveled to Havana to receive the Oswaldo Payá award given by the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy.

Pastrana and Quiroga are decorated for their commitment to democracy in the region and, particularly, for their commitment to the struggle for freedom in Venezuela. The two former presidents promoted the creation of the IDEA group [Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas], whose objective is to prevent Venezuela from following the path of the island. Their efforts will be recognized this Thursday, March 8, in Havana.

Cuba Continues as a Dictatorship

The regime, currently headed by Fidel Castro’s younger brother Raúl, has once again demonstrated its totalitarian nature, and its intrinsic fear of freedom and dissenting voices. It places on display, for the whole world to see, the true nature of the Cuban regime, that continues to rule unchecked and unquestioned, despite their moral depravity.

The administration of Barack Obama made an attempt to thaw the relationship with Cuba after more than fifty years of resolute opposition to the Cuban tyranny. The idea was to realize the restoration of economic relations. However, the detente did not in any way, shape, or form, obligate Raul Castro to expand social or political freedoms.

Obama traveled to Cuba in March 2016. He became the first US president to set foot on the island in almost a century. That same day there were arbitrary arrests. Several dissidents were incarcerated while Obama’s presidential limousine roamed the streets of Havana.

During the reestablishment of diplomatic and economic relations, which served largely to benefit the regime, restrictions on liberties in Cuba were only increased. The message was clear: democracy would not return to the island while the Castro regime was in power.

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