Castro dictatorship to hold another sham election today in Cuba

Today, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship will hold yet another sham election on the island. The entire “election” process is a farce as Cuba is ruled by a single-party directed and controlled by the Castro dictatorship. There will be a lot of talk about Cuba “electing” a new “president,” but in reality, it is a show mainly for foreign consumption to give the impression some semblance of democracy exists on the island.

During the 59 years before the Castro revolution, Cuba democratically elected 18 presidents. In the 59 years since the Castro revolution, there has effectively been only one president: the Castro family. Since 1959, Cuba has never been given the opportunity to elect anyone who is not a Castro or hand-picked by the Castro dictatorship.

The Castro dictatorship will choose who will be the figurehead president of Cuba. But the levers of power will continue to be pulled by someone with the surname Castro.

Latin American Herald Tribune reports:

Cuban Elections Sunday Will Start Bringing a New Generation to Power

HAVANA – Governed for almost 60 years by historic figures of the Revolution, Cuba is preparing for a new generation to take power, a process that begins with Sunday’s general elections to choose lawmakers for the National Assembly.

More than 8 million Cubans are registered to vote this Sunday for the 605 legislators that make up the National Assembly of People’s Power in elections that signify the ratification of the candidates, since there are exactly 605 seats in the nation’s unicameral parliament.

The legislative body that emerges from the elections will be formally installed on April 19, a date when the lawmakers will propose and elect among themselves those who will occupy the chief positions of the Council of State, the highest branch of government that includes the president.

Everything indicates that the person picked to succeed Raul Castro will be his “number two” in the presidency since 2013, First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel, 57, born after the triumph of the Revolution and trained in the principles of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the only legal political party on the island.

However, a professor at the University of Texas who is an expert in Cuban politics, Arturo Lopez-Levy, told EFE that while he hopes for change that puts an end to six decades of Castro rule, “the substance of (Diaz-Canel’s) policies will be very much like Raul Castro winning a third term.”

In fact, the younger Castro, 86, will continue until 2021 as first secretary of the PCC, where he will have “a stabilizing, mediating role to bind the new leaders and their political coalitions to the basis of the system,” Lopez-Levy said.

In the street few doubt that Diaz-Canel will inherit command, a change that the majority believes will occur without alarming anyone, under the guidance of the PCC, though some do not hide their wish to have a younger president in power after the rigid militarism that has governed the country since the victory of the Revolution in 1959.

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