We remember the versatile René Monteagudo (1916-1973)

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René Monteagudo Miranda was born in Havana on this day in 1916. He came to the majors as a pitcher but became a pinch-hitter, part-time outfielder and reliever.

The Washington Senators signed Rene and had him pitching in the majors in 1938. Unfortunately, he hurt his arm and was out of baseball for a year. He started hitting and playing outfield and came back to the majors with the Philadelphia Phillies, known for a short time as the Blue Jays.. He hit .301 in 193 AB’s. Rene got the nickname of “versatile.”

So what happened to Rene? He was banned from baseball. Rene and another 13 major leaguers signed a contract with Jorge Pasquel, a promoter for the outlaw Mexican League actively trying to raid the majors. The 13 became the “jumpers”!

Monteagudo played for a while in Mexico but was never given a chance to play in the majors again.      Rene died in Miami in 1973.

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