Cuba’s communist dictatorship classifies the Victims of Communism organization as ‘subversive’

The Castro dictatorship is right: the Victims of Communism organization is subversive. They are subversive to totalitarian rule, murderous oppression, and the enslavement of billions by an unelected and corrupt state. Most definitely a badge of honor for them.

Via the Dissident:

Cuban Communist Regime Calls VOC “Subversive”

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) has released a statement on its website labeling the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) and other human rights and pro-democracy movements “subversive” and “meddlers.”

Recently, VOC produced a short documentary video in our Witness Project series featuring Rosa María Payá, who told the story of her father Oswaldo Payá’s murder at the hands of the Castro regime and her fight for freedom in Cuba.

“I guess they saw the video,” said VOC Executive Director Marion Smith.

Smith added: “We continue to be truly concerned by the one-party dictatorship in Cuba, which is still harassing, arresting, and assaulting dissidents and peaceful activists. MINREX released its condemnation on the eve of Cuban ‘elections’ because the ‘revolution’ always needs an invented enemy. But in reality, the Cuban ‘elections’ on March 11 were a sham because only the Communist Party of Cuba was on the ballot. The Cuban regime is the real enemy of the Cuban people. The Cuban people deserve better, and VOC wants to help.”

Dissident has translated the full text of the MINREX statement for you here:


Abortive Anti-Cuban Provocation on the Eve of Elections

A new anti-Cuban provocation has been attempted from abroad in the form of the awarding of a “prize,” with the objective of interfering in internal Cuban affairs, generating instability, and affecting the image of the country and Cuba’s diplomatic relations with other states.

The operation took place with the financing and support of the counterrevolution abroad and other international organizations, like the so-called Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americans (IDEA), the Foundation for Pan-American Democracy, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, utilizing as their instrument an illegal Cuban groupuscule. As is by now standard practice in any reactionary initiative in our region, it featured the involvement of the Secretary General of the OAS.

It’s worth noting that a similar operation was attempted last year, which, in addition to the abovementioned, featured the participation of the Democracy and Community Center, the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), the Interamerican Institute for Democracy, and the terrorist and CIA agent Carlos Alberto Montaner, who have continued to work actively against Cuba, and whose links with the National Endowment for Democracy, which receives funds from the US government to implement its subversive programs against Cuba, are well-known.

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