Arroz con huevos fritos

It would take my mom just a few minutes to whip it up and was served only when we were in a hurry. My father called it comida de mudado (food for those who just moved) because all you needed was a burner, a frying pan, some eggs, and some rice.

It was by no means a Cuban delicacy or something you can order in a restaurant, but few Cubans have ever gone through their childhood without eating arroz con huevos fritos (white rice with fried eggs). I find the combination to be delicious and I still prepare at home sometimes even if I’m not in a hurry and there is something else to eat.

Arroz con huevos fritos brings back beloved memories of my childhood. Memories of chopping up the eggs into tiny pieces and then meticulously mixing the chopped mess until every grain of rice had the same uniform yellow color from the egg yolks.

I do the same thing today.

Photo: Abuela Mami