Cuba’s one-way ‘cultural diplomacy’: Communist Castro dictatorship to hold propaganda music festival in Washington D.C.

They are calling it “cultural diplomacy”: Cuba’s dictatorship is sending a swarm of official communist party musical artists — nearly 200 of them — to Washington D.C. and calling it a “festival.” In reality, it is a Castro communist propaganda blitz in our nation’s capital.

There is no cultural exchange going on here but instead, a one-way transfer. Cuba’s communist regime gets to send its propaganda artists to the U.S. to tout the virtues of the Castro dictatorship but American and Cuban American artists who oppose the communist regime are not allowed to set foot in Cuba. There will be no exchange of ideas taking place at this festival. It will be all Castro, all the time; just as it is in Cuba.

Via the Latin American Herald Tribune:

Cuba Pushing Cultural Diplomacy By Sending Huge Artistic Delegation to US

HAVANA – Cuba will push cultural diplomacy and send a huge delegation of almost 200 of the island’s artists to the “Artes de Cuba” festival at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, a program which could help relax current political tensions between the US and the Caribbean country.

“It’s the first time we’ll be going to the United States with such a large official delegation,” Cuban Deputy Culture Minister Fernando Rojas told reporters in Havana on Wednesday, emphasizing the “professionalism” and “important effort” made by the island and the Kennedy Center to bring the festival about and calling it “a gift for those who yearn for peace.”

The artistic delegation will include almost all the major ambassadors of Cuban culture, including Pablo Milanes, who will sing along with his daughter Haydee, the beloved band Los Van Van and the Cuban National Ballet.

Also taking part in the festival will be the El Publico and Argos Teatro theater companies, painters Roberto Fabelo – the most sought-after living Cuban artist – and Esterio Segura, along with veteran singer Omara Portuondo, the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club who will inaugurate the festival on May 8 at Washington’s Eisenhower Hall Theater.

Also taking part in the festival will be up and coming figures from the Cuban music scene, particularly jazz, including Yizzy Garcia y su Bandancha, Zule Guerra and Blues de Habana, as well as pianists Aldo Lopez-Gavilan and Jorge Luis Pacheco.

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4 thoughts on “Cuba’s one-way ‘cultural diplomacy’: Communist Castro dictatorship to hold propaganda music festival in Washington D.C.”

  1. Yeah, that’s right, send over lots of shuckin’ and jivin’ slaves, including plenty of good Negroes, to sing, dance and carry on like the “revolution” is one big bundle of joy. And love the outfits–santería, much?

  2. And by the way, the “Van Van” name is based on a Castro regime slogan used to promote the “zafra de los diez millones” back in 1970, which despite massive mobilization of labor and investment of all national resources to produce 10 million tons of sugar, wound up a fucking failure. Imagine that.

    Of course, the Moncada attack of 1953 was also a notorious failure, but that didn’t stop the man behind it (who “got lost” on the way there and never fired a shot) from turning it into a “heroic victory” for himself.

  3. So this is another “concert for peace.” Remember little Juanes and his little friends? Check. I wonder if embalmed diva-for-life Alicia Alonso, aka the living mummy, will show up with her ballet outfit. After all, if the very geriatric Portuondo hag can still stand up on stage, Alicia should rise to the occasion. As for Roberto Fabelo being “the most sought-after living Cuban artist,” I doubt Kcho, who was Fidel’s favorite, would agree, but Kcho is currently having “issues,” and there’s always a suitably “revolutionary” artist at hand. And I see there’s even a “diaspora” contingent–but of course.

    In case anybody cares, and naturally the usual suspects (let alone our “Latin” brothers) wouldn’t, Alonso, Portuondo and Fabelo all signed the infamous public letter justifying and defending the “black spring” of 2003, including the summary executions of three young Cubans of color for the “crime” of attempting to flee from Massah Castro’s plantation. But it’s OK; I’m sure the Congressional Black Caucus understands.

  4. The roster for this thing seems rather top-heavy with people who are very old news and not exactly in their prime: Alonso, Portuondo, Los Van Van and Milanés. Sheesh.

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