Happy Easter: Castro regime blocks distribution of Bibles in Cuba

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Apparently, the Castro regime’s knowledge of what is good for the Cuban people extends to Bibles.

King Raul’s Department of Religious Affairs will only allow old translations of the Bible to enter Cuba.

Their reasoning has not been revealed to the public, but it seems that what scares them about new translations is that they’re not full of archaic words and therefore make the text of the Bible more accessible and more relevant to Cubans.

It’s a strange form of censorship for the 21st century, but very much in keeping with the modus operandi of the Spanish Inquisition, which has always been a source of great inspiration for Castronoids everywhere.

Recently, the Department of Religious Affairs prevented 17,000 Bibles from entering Cuba simply because the translation was “wrong.”

The article below provides details, but is wrong on one detail.

The Castro regime does NOT favor the King James translation, which is in English, but rather the Reina Valera Spanish translation, which dates back to the early 17th century and is therefore nearly as antiquated as the King James.

Oh, the joys of censorship!

From The Christian Post:

The Communist government of Cuba sent back a shipment carrying 17,000 copies of the New International Version Bible, saying it would only allow Bibles in the King James version, according to a report. On paper, Cuba lifted its ban on printing new Bibles in 2015.

The Department of Religious Affairs sent the shipment by Christian ministry Biblica back to Miami, Florida, in 2016, Marti News reported this week.

The Cuban government is not giving permission for the NIV Bibles to enter the country, as it prefers older translations, Esteban Fernández, executive director of the publishing house for Latin America, was quoted as saying.

Biblica had earlier sent about 33,000 copies of the Bible to Cuba.

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  1. Right. The miserable bastards are now all about scriptural purity. As if, being atheists, they could conceivably care about the specific translation–only they do care, but only for ulterior motives. You can’t make this shit up. It shows to what degree the Castronoids will go to protect the “revolution,” meaning their power, from any perceived threat, real or imagined. Unbelievable–well, almost.

    The National Council of Churches, of course, will issue an energetic protest. Or not.

    And someone please alert the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, if she’s still alive and lucid, so she can ignore it and spit on “those people” once again.

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