Dissident Gorki Águila prevented from traveling outside of Cuba

Once again, the Castro regime is flexing its repressive muscle and displaying its total disregard for human rights.

Of course, as always, no nation on earth — including the U.S.A. — will give a damn..

Keep sending tourists, keep pouring money into their pockets.

They’re all savages anyway, those Cubans, and the best life they can hope for is to serve as slaves for superior visiting foreigners.

Announcement via email from The Cuban Democratic Directorate

The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces the Castro regime for preventing Cuban musician and human rights activist Gorki Aguila from traveling outside of Cuba, a few hours ago at the “José Martí” airport in Havana. The Castro regime has not changed, it continues to violate all the human rights of the Cuban people just a few days after the celebration of the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru and where it should not be present before its history of crimes against humanity and systematic violation of the rights and fundamental freedoms of the Cuban people.

Gorki Águila, is a young Cuban musician who is also a human rights activist, who served political prison in Cuba for his rebellious music and for thinking differently. The artist spoke to the Cuban Democratic Directorate by telephone: “I want this to be a denunciation, so that people know in the world how the regime acts with all the people in this country really and especially in this context of the Summit, where they are going to talk about freedom and democracy, and they are exactly doing the opposite with all their citizens. ”

In his complaint Gorki reported that at the airport in Havana, customs officials told him that he has a travel restriction and that they did not give him any explanation about it. They detained him for a while and later they returned his passport, telling him that he simply was not going to travel. To which the artist said: “This is nothing good, the classic human rights violations that this regime is used to constantly doing against anyone who dares to oppose them and think differently in this country.”

The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces once again all the murders and violations of the human rights of the Cuban people committed by the Castro regime throughout its history. We propose that neither  a totalitarian and murderous regime like that of Raúl Castro nor that of  Nicolás Maduro and his regime in Venezuela —  which is directly linked to the Castro dictatorship — should be present at the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, for embodying everything contrary to the values of freedom and democracy that it represents.

Gorki and The Ladies