Meliá Hotels expanding their apartheid facilities in Cuba

Yes, this is what one of the world’s worst dictatorships needs: more apartheid hotels.

Come on down, all you slumming racists!

Come enjoy amenities and luxuries denied to everyone who will be waiting on you hand and foot.

Never mind those pesky ethical questions raised by a few disgruntled natives.

Those killjoys deserve to be rounded up and locked up, anyway!

Come on down and revel in your status as a superior being!

Come on down and gawk at the ruined buildings!

Come on down and watch miscreants being arrested and beaten!

From ICTM:

Meliá Cuba has added five new hotels with 409 rooms to its portfolio on the island during the first quarter of 2018. The hotels are located in the heritage cities of Cienfuegos (Hotel La Union, Hotel Jagua and Hotel Meliá San Carlos) and Camagüey (Hotel Colón and Gran Hotel) and represent a new style of hotels for Meliá in Cuba: all are small to medium-size hotels, set inside exceptional historical buildings in privileged locations.

By the end of 2018, Meliá Hotels International will also have opened two new flagship hotels for the Cuban hotel industry in the popular destinations of Varadero and Cayo Santa María. The Meliá Internacional, Varadero, will have 934 rooms and the Paradisus Los Cayos, Cayo Santa María will have 802 rooms. This will take the total of new, superior quality rooms opened by Meliá Hotels International in Cuba during the year to more than 2,145.

The Spanish hotel group is also set to open Hotel INNSIDE Camagüey, as well as three hotels in the city of Trinidad before 2020. The properties in Trinidad will include Meliá Trinidad, Meliá Punta Ancón and the innovative Sol House Ancón, which is the result of the conversion of the current Hotel Ancón. Meliá Hotels International has aligned their plans with the Cuban strategy to diversify its tourism industry. The hotel company will offer prestigious hotels with familiar brands in historic cities, along with exciting tours and experiences. It aims to help increase the number of visitors to these areas and to prolong average length of stay, ultimately helping to raise profile of these destinations to a wide range of tourists.

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Come on down and have a great time!

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  1. The Spanish vultures are simply being themselves, so at least they’re in character. As for the paying customers, they deserve to wind up in one of those horror stories we see here periodically involving Canadian or British tourists who were expecting a “dream vacation” in hell.

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