American tourists staying away from Cuba

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Even though airlines and cruise ship companies in the U.S. are rushing to cash in on travel to Cuba, the actual number of Americans traveling to the totalitarian island nation has declined steeply in the past few months.

So says U.S.A. Today…

Tom Popper, the Castrophile travel “expert” cited by this newspaper blames the decline on the Trumpinator’s new Cuba policy, which, as he says, gives Americans the wrong impression about travel to Cuba.

Yes, it’s Trump’s fault, you see, Mildred.

Don’t blame that decline on the fact that Americans are still barred from enjoying apartheid resorts, or the fact that the Cuba they get to see in “people-to-people” tours is an awful and very depressing hellhole.

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U.S. cruise ships still call on Cuban ports and U.S. airlines, such as American and Southwest, still list Havana and Camaguey as destinations.

But Cuba – not long ago bustling with good-tipping, heavy-spending Americans – is experiencing a steep decline in U.S. travelers.

Reasons vary, including new restrictions on travel imposed by President Trump and Hurricane Irma’s brush with the island last year. But the main reason fewer Americans are traveling to the communist island is one of perception, said Tom Popper, president of InsightCuba’s, a New York-based tour operator that organizes trips to Cuba.

On April 19, Raul Castro is expected to step down as president of Cuba and be replaced by Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel – a move not expected to impact the dearth of U.S. visitors to Cuba.

Trump has taken a more aggressive stance against the Castro-led government, making U.S. visitors hesitant to travel to the island, Popper said.

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