Photos of the day: “Migrant Invasion” caravan speeding toward U.S. border

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The “Migrant Invasion” of 2018 is making its way northwards through Mexico in air-conditioned comfort, thanks to generous funding.

During the most recent leg of their trip, the aspiring border crashers  were ferried from Puebla to Mexico City by a fleet of twenty luxury buses.

Invasion fleet
Aspiring invaders

These 1,000 or so “migrants” are being fed and housed along their arduous journey by some entity or entities deeply committed to causing trouble for the Trumpinator.

Those footing the bill are also very interested in ensuring that no outsiders can gain information about the inner workings of their operation.

When the “migrants” reached Mexico City, those with cell phones were asked to turn them over to the invasion leaders, who then combed through all their messages and phone calls to determine whether any of those riding on the buses were communicating with the “wrong” people.

Anyone suspected of being a spy for the “wrong” side was to be immediately removed from the caravan.

The “migrants” are also being supplied with very nice signs and placards full of quasi-religious terms such as “faith”, “hope”, and “justice.”

Gee, Mildred, I wonder who is funding these poor victims of American injustice?

And, gee, Mildred, why is the Mexican government allowing this to happen?

Closely-watched, well-trained “migrants”

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  1. The sense of entitlement that Lateeno groups [read this as chicanos] have is beyond the pale. Univision shows the caravan, but of course, they are careful not to show the air conditioned, modern buses. They show people–mothers and crying children– walking throw dusty towns as if it were a pilgrimage on foot.

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