Center for a Free Cuba calls for protection of Cuban dissidents at Lima summit

Fresh from the Center for a Free Cuba, a much-needed plea that deserves to be heard:

April 11, 2018

Dr. Luis Almagro Lemes
Secretary General, Organization of American States

Mr. Paulo Abrão

Executive Secretary, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Dear Secretary General Almagro and Executive Secretary Abrão:

As we write the Cuban government continues to pressure the government of Peru to deny entry into the country to Cuban human rights activists who are trying to attend meetings of human rights organizations in Lima that coincide with the Summit of the Americas.

Cuban human rights activists who live in Cuba have been prohibited from traveling abroad.  Cuban human rights activists residing abroad have been detained by Peruvian authorities.  This is a reoccurrence of what happened in Panama three years ago when the Castro regime sent Cuban thugs masquerading as human rights activists to beat and harass Cuban dissidents who were engaged in peaceful demonstrations there.

We are calling on you and all democratic governments in the region to do everything possible to protect those now in Lima who wish to exercise their freedom of speech against the Castro dictatorship and in favor of the removal of Cuban security forces from Venezuela where they help the Maduro government to abuse and repress the Venezuelan people.

Rosa Maria Paya of CubaDecide, Orlando Gutierrez of Directorio Democratico and others have called on the Peruvian government to guarantee the physical safety, and integrity of everyone who has traveled to Lima.  It is also incumbent on all governments attending the Summit to urge General Raul Castro to stop the beating and harassment of peaceful demonstrators on the island as well as abroad, and to withdraw all Cuban military forces from Venezuela.


Ambassador James Cason, President

Frank Calzon, Executive Director

Center for a Free Cuba