Violent repression by Nicaragua’s Ortega dictatorship against protestors continues, 34 confirmed dead

Violent repression in Nicaragua against demonstrators protesting the dictatorship of Marxist Daniel Ortega continue. The brutal government response has left 34 dead so far.

John Suarez has an update at Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Update on situation in Nicaragua: 34 confirmed dead, unknown number continue detained

Repression continues in Nicaragua
Photos of seven of the youth killed in Nicaragua during anti-government protests

Human rights groups in Nicaragua have confirmed the death of 34 Nicaraguans in anti-government protests that began on April 18, 2018. The death of 34 protesters in Nicaragua would be the equivalent of 1,785 protesters in the United States.  This explains the outrage in the Central American country at the loss of life and the call for president Daniel Ortega’s resignation.

International human rights organizations have called for investigations into the killings and the Committee to Protect Journalists tweeted about the murder of a journalist and regime efforts to shut down news broadcasts in Nicaragua.

Furthermore, students are being arbitrarily detained, mistreated and tortured according to testimony by some of them who have been released. Additionally there continue to be many who are detained.

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  1. And of course, going back to the beginning of the Ortega-Sandinista disaster, Castrogonia was behind it just as it was behind the Allende mess in Chile, only Violeta Chamorro was far less potent a cancer treatment than Pinochet proved to be for his country. However, there is still no excuse for ever letting Ortega hold any public office again, let alone the presidency, especially since the slimeball should have been prosecuted for his crimes and thrown in jail for the rest of his miserable life. Alas , people who fuck up really badly and fail to learn from it are bound to pay for that, and the current situation is not simply the responsibility of the Ortega regime, but of every Nicaraguan who saw fit to put him back in power.

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