Memo to “offended” students: Change schools or move to another country

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Check this headline: More than 200 George Washington University students have signed a petition calling on the school to adopt a new mascot and nickname, saying the current “Colonials” moniker “has too deep a connection to colonization.”.

Let me repeat.   It’s time for these students to find another school.   Or, maybe another country.    Or, another planet.

I am sick of political correctness. George Washington is one of the greatest figures in world history.    There is nothing offensive about President Washington, his life, his public service or a mascot called “Colonial”.

Maybe these students should go to another school and stop insulting our intelligence.

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1 thought on “Memo to “offended” students: Change schools or move to another country”

  1. Exact;y. I am so tired of these narcissistic monsters who have never been taught gratitude and want to upset everyone else’s life because they are sad little nothings.

    Love and gratitude must be brought back into fashion. Gratitude for the privilege of living in this wonderful free country, for our Founding Fathers and our Constitution.

    Gratitude for great men like Carlos Eire.

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