“Flag Man” Daniel Llorente released from prison

He had to spend a year imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for spoiling King Raul’s May Day parade.

During that year he was heavily medicated, but steadfastly claimed that he was not at mentally ill.

Such is life in Castrogonia.

From Marti Noticias:

Daniel Llorente, the Cuban dissident who was incarcerated at the Havana Psychiatric Hospital was suddenly released on Friday afternoon.

Llorente was the man who ran ahead of the 2017 May Day march in the Plaza of the Revolution, waving an American flag, before being brutally beaten and hauled away by the authorities.

Llorente spent the first weeks of his imprisonment in the prison of 100 and Aldabó, but was quickly transferred to the Psychiatric Hospital Commander Dr. Bernabé Ordaz Ducungé, popularly known as Mazorra.

Llorente is not part of any opposition group. The Washington Free Beacon declared him the “man of the year” in 2017, and named him “The Flag Man.”