Castro, Inc. demands payment for its slave doctors in Ghana

Dr. Agapito Yotemato y Tentierro Minister of International Medical Brigades

From our Annals of Hypocrisy Bureau, with assistance from our Modern Day Slavery Bureau:

The Castro, Inc. monopoly — one of the world’s worst deadbeats when it comes to paying what it owes — is pressuring Ghana to pay at least 4.7 million US dollars owed to it for medical services rendered by Cuban slave doctors.

Despite all the hype in the world press about Castrogonia’s “medical internationalism” being a great humanitarian mission worthy of praise, the truth is that this so-called “humanitarian” gesture is nothing more than a money-making venture for Castro, Inc. that involves slave labor.

Here is some proof of the profit sought by Castro, Inc. , with a dollar figure attached to it.

About 92% of the 4.7 million dollars owed by Ghana is supposed to go directly to the Castro regime.  The doctors who are slaving away in Ghana only get a tiny little slice of that pie.  Even worse, about half of their tiny little slice doesn’t go to them while they’re overseas, and it can only be collected when they return to the Castro slave plantation known as Cuba.

The importation of Cuban slave doctors has been somewhat controversial in Ghana.  In 2013, for instance, grave concern was expressed over the lack of expertise displayed by Cuban doctors.  Details available HERE in an article from Ghana  titled “Why The Unqualified Cuban Doctors Will Kill The Ghanaian People.”

Meanwhile, other third-world nations clamor for more Cuban slave doctors, despite the dangers posed by poorly-trained medical personnel and the high prices charged by Castro, Inc..

In Uganda, the expense involved in hiring 200 Cuban slave doctors caused such an uproar that the government had to reduce the number to 40. Go HERE for details on this kerfuffle.

Kenya apparently has no concern about the prices charged by Castro, Inc. or the ineptitude of the Cuban doctors.  Its government just signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” that will bring 100 Cuban slave doctors to their country.  Go HERE for details on that deal.

Dr. Yonose Nada de Nada, Chief Surgeon of Ghana Medical Brigade

From Ghana Web:

The Cuban government has expressed worry about government’s failure to pay Cuban doctors serving in Ghana.

Deputy Minister of Health Marcia Cobas Ruiz while paying a courtesy call on the Northern Regional minister Solomon Boar said these doctors have not received their salaries since September last year.

Cuban slave dealer Marcia Cobas Ruiz

There are more than a hundred Cuban doctors in Ghana providing health care in Upper East, Northern, Volta, Eastern, and Greater Accra regions with most of them in the northern part of the country.

“This is not just” she complained…

… Details about the salary arrears are yet to be ascertained but Ghana as at March 2017 had an US $4,7 million dollar outstanding indebtedness to the Cuban medical brigade.

Whole story HERE

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  1. And of course Castro, Inc. wants its money–it sure as hell didn’t send its mass-produced “doctors” to Ghana (or anywhere else) as any kind of charity.

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