May 20: Thinking of my parents on this day

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We celebrate another anniversary of Cuban independence from Spain.  This is a good day to remember what my parents told me about Cuba.

They recalled the elegance of Havana and how nice the country was.

They never said that it was perfect BUT certainly not “the underdeveloped country” narrative that Castro & the left have been preaching for years.

This was pre-Castro Cuba, as Mark Milke wrote:

Of the many myths that some offer up about Fidel Castro’s Cuba, one tale is that despite Mr. Castro’s repression, he improved a few social programs.

Thus, in his statement on Mr. Castro’s death, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asserted “significant improvements” in Cuban health care and education under the totalitarian tutelage of Fidel Castro.

An inconvenient fact: Pre-Castro, Cuba was already better off than most Latin American countries on such indicators.

Also, Mr. Castro’s rule knocked Cubans to the near-economic bottom of all Latin American countries, with subsequent negative effects on Cuba’s much-vaunted social model.

In other words, pre-Castro Cuba was a much better place to live than post-1959.

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1 thought on “May 20: Thinking of my parents on this day”

  1. If one’s going to condone, let alone support, totalitarian tyranny, one MUST come up with some sort of justification, no matter how flimsy or fraudulent. Even the totalitarians themselves must do that, so people in free societies who ostensibly value freedom and uphold human rights have to work even harder at it.

    They latch on to whatever they can use, which winds up being a version of the same narrative put forth by the totalitarian entity in question. It was like that with Stalin’s USSR and it’s like that with Castro’s Cuba.

    Alas, there are always apologists for even the worst evil, certainly if it’s sufficiently fashionable. Some of them may be useful idiots, but many are worse, and they all do harm. Unfortunately, once they become “compromised,” they tend to stick to it–one need look no further than the truly vile New York Times.

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