About those new docks for cruise ships in Havana….

From our Stolen Property Bureau

None of the news media reporting on the expansion of Havana’s cruise ship berths make mention of a very significant issue: the fact that the property in question was stolen from its rightful owners by the Castro regime.

The Havana Docks Corporation has never been compensated for the property taken from them at gunpoint by Fidel Castro and his thugs.

In 1971, when the rightful owner made a legal claim in court, the property was valued at $16,800,000.

That figure is the equivalent of $104,060,381.91 in 2018.  That’s one hundred and four million dollars, more or less.

So, once again, we see how Ca$tro, Inc. gets away with its crimes.

Below is photographic proof of the theft.  Compare with photo above.


2 thoughts on “About those new docks for cruise ships in Havana….”

  1. Love the last photo. The greasy thugs, I mean freedom fighters, making the, uh, oligarchs an offer they can’t refuse. Of course, said oligarchs may well have contributed to the robolution like a great many of their peers, including the later impeccably anti-Castro Bacardí people. Somebody should send that photo to Francis Ford Coppola, though I expect it would go over his fatuous head.

  2. Every time I see the psedo-intellectual, clueless, and myopic imbecile of guerrillero Huber Matos pop up, specially alongside Castro, I want to laugh and vomit at the same time.

    I met him once and I didn’t take the encounter for much more folklore. The guy was the epitome of glorified “come-mierda” and, like so many, a victim of his own idiocy. It was his kind, well-off spoiled imbeciles, which flushed Cuba down the toilet for the sake of nefarious foreign interests, needlessly.

    He was in the thick of it but he didn’t know Fidel (a totally fraudulent crazy-eyed thug) and Raul (a low life) were communists, really? Perhaps he should have never left the classroom, for competent he wasn’t.

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