Sen. Jeff Flake visits apartheid Cuba, embraces communist Castro dictatorship’s puppet president

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is well known for his adoration of Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship. He is also well known for never passing up an opportunity to lick the boots of the communist Castro regime. Joining Google’s Eric Schmidt (another one who has developed a taste for Cuban jackboot leather), Flake flew down to Cuba to embrace the Castro dictatorship’s puppet president, Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Over the years, Flake has never uttered a single word in defense of liberty or human rights in Cuba. To the contrary, the Arizona senator has fervently defended and supported Cuba’s murderously repressive and criminally corrupt dictatorship.

One can only wonder what motivates Flake, a self-proclaimed conservative and defender of liberty, to discard all his principles and morality and side with an evil and diabolical dictatorship.

The Associated Press via the Seattle Times:

Cuba’s new president meets with US senator, Google exec

New Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has held his first official meeting with visitors from the U.S., discussing increased internet access with Google executive Eric Schmidt and Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Google and Cuba have been discussing how the company can help connect Cuba to undersea fiber-optic cables that run relatively near to the island, which would allow Cubans faster access to data stored around the world. Cuba now uses a cable that runs under the Caribbean to Venezuela.

Flake and Schmidt said no agreement was reached at Monday’s meeting, but Flake described the session with the new president as positive and an important step toward an eventual deal.

Flake said that “I think it moved the needle in the extent that it needed to.”

4 thoughts on “Sen. Jeff Flake visits apartheid Cuba, embraces communist Castro dictatorship’s puppet president”

  1. It is very clear that Flake is highly dubious, even apart from his unaccountable Cuba fixation. Maybe he really is a flake, but that seems too pat. He comes across as a fatuously self-satisfied and vaguely simpering boy-man, and he’s become increasingly irritating. He’s not as slimy as Charlie Crist, I suppose, but Crist had non-political baggage that made him particularly unsavory (which does not exclude Flake may have such baggage, only better hidden). In any case, Flake’s behavior is at best unseemly and undignified, and it’s calculated to get attention. We may be looking at another John Kasich scenario in the making.

  2. And not that Flake would care, but on his recent visit to Venezuela, D-C referred to the chavista disaster as “This is true socialism.” Maybe somebody should tell Bernie Sanders, because D-C knows whereof he speaks much better than some old Vermont crackpot.

  3. I am reposting my comment on another post here:

    Jeff Flake put his arm around me and smiled and lied to my face with aplomb as he told me repeatedly he does not favor the regime. He hates communism, he swore to me. He wanted free trade so the island would be inundated and their infrastructure could not cope and this would topple the regime.
    All of the many times I challenged him about this and he “reasoned” with me that he and I have the same goals.

    This proves he was just a liar and probably even a fellow traveller or at least a useful idiot for the bastards.

  4. Honey, Flake has fake written all over him, though I suppose he might be really, REALLY stupid.

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