Legal owners of two major ports in Cuba warn tourists: ‘Everything in Cuba is stolen’

American cruise ship companies that stop in Cuba are trafficking in stolen property and no one seems to know about it or care. Well, that’s about to change.

Frances Martel in Breitbart:

‘Everything in Cuba Is Stolen’: U.S. Port Owners Warn Against Tourism

The rightful owners of two of Cuba’s largest ports, stolen from their families by the Cuban Revolution, launched a campaign this week in conjunction with human rights organizations to discourage American tourism in the island nation.

Dr. Javier García-Bengochea, rightful owner of the Port of Santiago de Cuba, and Mickael Behn, rightful owner of the Havana Docks Corporation, tell Breitbart News that American tourist corporations like Carnival Cruise Line are profiting from the use of their stolen ports, and that any American money spent under the Castro regime serves to feed the human rights abuses of the “white male military dictatorship.”

The bilingual campaign, called “Don’t Aid Theft,” launched with the help of Directorio Democrático Cubano on Wednesday, two days after Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) enthusiastically told Americans at a press conference in Havana that tourism to Cuba is “safe” and described a meeting with Cuba’s president Miguel Díaz-Canel as “friendly.” While holding the title of president, Díaz-Canel has no authority over the military or the Communist Party, still led by Raúl Castro. Castro did not make the time to meet with Flake.

“This is a white male military dictatorship … two brothers, all the rulers there are generals in the military – white, elderly, octogenarian white males,” Dr. García-Bengochea explains of the regime, noting that they control everything in Cuba, and “everything in Cuba is stolen.”

“Any American venture – any venture involving anyone – is almost a necessarily involving stolen property,” he argues.

García-Bengochea’s family are the rightful owners of the La Maritima Parreño, the port of the eastern city of Santiago, stolen by the Castro regime in 1960, among other Santiago properties. He is one of 6,000 Americans who fell victim to the Revolution’s larceny spree in the 1960s. Fidel Castro “nationalized” millions of dollars in American property following the Revolution, claiming it necessary to enact Marxist social justice.

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