Cuba’s Castro dictatorship sticking with dubious claim it has no idea who’s behind ‘sonic attacks’ on U.S. diplomats

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is sticking to the dubious claim it has no idea who or what is behind the “sonic attacks” on Americans on the island that have injured more than two dozen U.S. diplomats and family members. Apparently, we are supposed to believe some rogue elements carried out diplomatically scandalous attacks on foreign diplomats in complete secrecy while in a police state run by a totalitarian dictatorship where everyone is under surveillance. Not only that, the Castro regime also has a long history of harassing and attacking American diplomats.

Nevertheless, they want us to believe they have conducted a thorough investigation and have found nothing:

Cuba’s foreign ministry said Sunday that it has not uncovered the cause of mysterious health symptoms that affected an official of the US embassy in Havana last month and characterized the United States’ decision to withdraw personnel posted there as “politically motivated.”

In a statement, the Cuban ministry said officials launched an investigation after learning an employee had “reported health symptoms as a result of ‘undefined sound’ in her place of residence.” According to the statement, authorities could not find the source of the sound.

“After more than a year of research by the specialized agencies and experts from Cuba and the United States, it is confirmed that there is no credible hypothesis or conclusions adhered to science that justify the actions taken by the government of the United States against Cuba to the detriment of the bilateral relationship and with obvious political motivations,” the statement said.

It is impossible to believe the Castro regime has nothing to do with these attacks. If they were not behind them, they either assisted or were aware they were taking place.

How can anyone be so sure about this? Well, first of all, you have the nature and history of the Castro dictatorship, which makes them a prime suspect.

In addition to that, if the Castros indeed had nothing to do with the attacks and were not aware they were taking place, there is a zero probability the Cuban dictatorship would not have turned the island upside down to find the culprits. There is no way the Castro regime would allow rogue agents to continually carry out attacks on the island on foreigners with possibly deadly weapons that could be easily aimed at them.

As of yet, no reports have come out of Cuba of Castro State Security turning over every leaf and looking under every rock to find those behind the attacks. They are always looking for dissidents and they are always looking for independent journalists, but no reports as of yet they are looking for the attackers.

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