Update on lame Cuba Sonic Attack debunking efforts: Rolling Stone magazine slams New York Times for Trumpophilia and Castro-bashing

Matt Taibbi, rock star

From our Weird Reversals Bureau, also known as the Man-Bites-Dog Bureau, with assistance from our Annals of the Ministry of Truth Bureau:

Whoa!  El Niuyortain (New York Times) has just been accused of wrongdoing in a leftist magazine.

Whoa, man! Give me a hit… I need a hit … this is too far out, man…. quick… whhhheeeshhh (sound of inhaling)….aaaaaaaaah (sound of exhaling)….

Leftist hack, former Moscow resident and MeToo# target Matt Taibbi, writing in Rolling Stone, (a.k.a. Granma Stoned) complains that articles published by the Times on the brain injuries sustained by diplomats in Cuba and China have given in to the “mindless demonization,” “paranoia,” and “lame assumptions” of the Trumpinator.

No surprise here, really, given the extreme leftward tilt of Rolling Stone, but it’s always somewhat shocking to see El Niuyortain castigated for not parroting politically correct defenses of evil leftist regimes.

And, of course, it’s always reassuring to see irrefutable proof that the Ministry of Truth in Havana is still in business, giving instructions to American journalists.

Taibbi goes as far as to accuse the Times of resurrecting “crazy accusations” rooted in “Cold War” ideology, and also argues that “to actually report that the Cuba and China embassy episodes are linked is a major leap. The Times story got weirder from there, but one thing’s for sure: If the cases are linked, we almost surely owe Cuba a massive apology.”

Former Muscovite

Yes, Matt, we should always apologize to heartless murdering soul-crushing despotic regimes.

And we should never, ever believe the Castro regime capable of harming anyone.

Taking a cue from the Ministry of Truth in Havana, Taibbi also engages in the childish Granma game of listing all the ways in which the U.S. has picked on poor defenseless Cuba over the past six decades.

The U.S. tried to kill Fidel, you know, so, there you have it.  And then there’s that unpleasant thing that happened in Viet Nam and that awful thing in Iraq, too.  The U.S. is the real evil monster with pockets full of dirty tricks, always bullying holy defenseless people of colour.

Yeah…when you know your argument is weak, just distract the reader with some puerile schtik like Pee Wee Herman’s “I know you are, but what am I…”

Ironically–and most appropriately — Taibbi’s conclusion resurrects Cold War logic from the left, perfectly intact:

The Cuba blunder was probably borne of archaic fears about the Soviets, another enemy often portrayed as emotionless killing machines. From the yellow peril to “They hate us for our freedom,” we’re really bad when it comes to this stuff. How many times do we have to be wrong before we learn from one of these episodes?

Go HERE for the full childish screed dictated by the Ministry of Truth in Havana, courtesy of the magazine that wants Justin Trudeau to be president of the U.S.A.

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