Educating the young about the evils of socialism and communism

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Our youth has never been taught the truth about socialism and communism and have no idea the depth of vileness and wickedness of these monstrous ideologies.

The young must be taught the truth about socialism and communism so they may never have to repeat the horror suffered by billions and the 100-million souls lost.

Lee Edwards in Dissident:

Telling the Truth about Communism

Last fall, we startled many people in this city when we published the results of a YouGov poll that revealed that 44 percent of millennials in America would prefer to live under socialism rather than capitalism. Another seven percent said they would prefer communism. But, I wonder, would 44 percent of millennials really choose socialism if in exchange for “free” education and health care they would have to give up all their private property, including their iPhones?

Would seven percent of millennials declare their willingness to live under communism if they knew the real costs of communism—the denial of free speech, a free press, and free assembly, the imprisonment and execution of dissidents, no free and open elections, no independent judiciary or rule of law, the dictatorship of the Communist Party in all matters and on all occasions?

According to the YouGov survey, one third of all Americans would prefer to live under socialism rather than capitalism. Why? Is it due to idealism, the desire for a classless society in which everyone is equal and envy does not exist because everything is owned in common? Is it a lack of knowledge, sheer ignorance? When asked how many people have died under communism, less than one-third of Americans could provide the correct answer, over 100 million. Commented one millennial about his peers: “They haven’t seen socialism’s failures firsthand.”

My friends, we have our work cut out for us—to educate young Americans about the many failures of socialism. Here are a few failures to get us going.

One, Socialism has never worked anywhere in the 100 years of its existence. Socialism in all its forms—from Marxism-Leninism in the Soviet Union, National Socialism in Nazi Germany, Maoism in China, “state socialism” in India, and “democratic socialism” in Sweden—has never come close to realizing the classless ideal of its founding father, Karl Marx.

Two, Karl Marx, the founding father of socialism, has been proven wrong about nearly everything. The nation state has not withered away. Capitalism did not break down under the pressure of industrial concentration. Workers did not become revolutionaries but reformers and in many cases capitalists. The middle class has not disappeared but expanded exponentially around the world. Marx’s attempt to use Hegel to create a “scientific socialism” has been an abject failure.

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