Happy feast of St. Anthony of Padua

Today is the feast of St. Anthony of Padua, a Portuguese Franciscan friar from Lisbon who died on the 13th of June in the year 1231, in far-away Padua, Italy

You can read about him HERE.

And you can read HERE about one of the most amazing miracles he is said to have performed.  It involved preaching to people who didn’t want to listen to him, which , come to think of it,  must have felt a lot like being a Cuban exile and talking about the evils of the Castro regime to non-Cubans, or a lot like what we do constantly here at Babalu.

The difference, of course, is that we can’t perform any miracles on Babalu.  See image directly below.

Like all the saints in heaven, St. Anthony has special talents.  In his case, he is perhaps best known for helping people find lost objects.

In my household, he is constantly being invoked because we are always losing stuff, especially important stuff like keys, passports, checks, wallets, credit cards, etc… you name it… if it’s important, chances are it’s been lost.

We joke about it a lot. And we cry about it too, and utter profanities. But we always ask St. Anthony to help. And most often, lo and behold, he does.

Today something remarkable happened, and I thought I would share it with all of you who visit this web site, especially because this story has nothing to do with the evils in Castrogonia.

I believe in miracles. That’s why the subject fascinates me.  I also believe that God has a peculiar sense of humor, laced with a spark or “chispa” that we humans can only see as paradoxical.

Here is my miracle for the day: So, today is the feast of St. Anthony, patron saint of those looking for lost objects.  The lid to our vintage 1950’s butter dish had been missing for three days, and neither my lovely wife Jane nor I could find it.  We looked for it everywhere, over and over.   I thought one of us must have thrown it into the garbage by mistake.

That’s been happening a lot in our household too.  Lots of good stuff ends up in the trash can.  Some heartless people say that’s normal when you’re “getting old.”

So, at lunch time today, I’m getting some milk out of the refrigerator and say to myself, “this is the perfect day for asking St. Anthony to help us find the lid”… and…. I turn around, and there, to my left, on top of our coffee grinder, I see the lid.  It was in plain sight.  Boom!  It was so obviously there, so yellow, so easy to see.

Had we missed seeing it, repeatedly, for three days?  Or did it just show up?  And did St. Anthony have something to do with it?  I didn’t actually ask him to find it, not really.  I just thought at that moment that we should ask him.  Ha. Is thinking of asking the same as asking?

I’m still laughing…. and I swear I’m not making up any of this.  Lo juro.  Mal rayo me parta si no es verdad.  May I be struck by lightning if it’s not true.

My father was named Antonio.  My brother –who is very ill — is also named Antonio.  Today is their “santo” or feast day.

Mil gracias, San Antonio… Enjoy your feast day.

And while you’re at it, could you please help us Cubans find the country we lost?  Por favor?

No joking.

2 thoughts on “Happy feast of St. Anthony of Padua”

  1. St. Anthony cannot help with Cuba–it was not lost but destroyed, willfully and maliciously, by the forces of evil.

  2. Typical brilliance of Carlos Eire.

    You are reading something that combines, Catholicism, a funny story with an ironical touch and just going along with him and then he throws in a punchline that ties everything together.’
    Shades of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
    But that last line is a kick in the gut, isn’t it? No joking!

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