Another socialist triumph in Venenozuela: Great growth in sex slave market

From our Wonders of Latrine Socialism Bureau

No surprise here, really, but the numbers are shocking.

Tens of thousands of young Venezuelan females — some of them children — are being sold as sex slaves to other countries.

And — no surprise here either — this human trafficking is being run by Colombia’s Castronoid paramilitary FARC drug lords.

… And –no surprise again —  bribery and corruption in other Latrine countries is enabling these modern-day slavers to carry on their inhumane trade.

Aaaah, three cheers for the dysfunctional wonders of the former Spanish empire!

From Worldcrunch:

Their nightmare begins in Venezuela, where the economic crisis ravaging their country makes the young women and girls — some as young as 11 or 12 — particularly vulnerable. Colombian gangs and paramilitary groups take advantage to manipulate them, and then shuttle them across the border to the El Dorado international airport in Bogota, where they’re boarded on planes to be trafficked as sex workers in a range of countries across Latin America.

This is the fate that has befallen tens of thousands of Venezuelans in recent years, according to an investigation carried out recently by the Mexican newspaper El UniversalA large number of the victims end up in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. In Mexico, traffickers pay between $700 and $950 to immigration officials at Mexico City’s international airport to allow Venezuelan women into the country, the newspaper found.

The information gathered by El Universal coincides with a report published in March by two Venezuelan civil society organizations in conjunction with the British Embassy in Caracas. The study points to a vast web of criminal connections in Colombia that help support the trade — from drugs and weapons traffickers to corrupt policemen, soldiers, and border officials.

The Venezuelan study, co-written by attorneys Beatriz Borge and Lilian Aya, suggests that in the past two years, the number of trafficked women has skyrocketed, from just over 60,000 in 2016 to almost 200,000 this year. They fear the number could rise to 600,000 by 2020, representing nearly 2% of Venezuela’s population.

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Say goodbye to your little girls!