Medical negligence in Cuba cost a little girl her legs, now she’s in Miami for prostheses

You’ve heard about Cuba’s wonderful healthcare system, right? You know, that glorious socialist healthcare system run by the Castro dictatorship people are always talking about that provides Cubans first-rate universal coverage Americans can only dream about.

Well, that spectacular socialist healthcare system Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders are always raving about cost a little Cuban girl her legs. Because of the negligence and the inherent deficiencies of socialist healthcare, little Alexa Prieto had to have her legs amputated.

Thankfully, Alexa was able to come to the U.S. and is now in Miami being fitted with prosthetic legs.

Nora Gamez Torres reports in The Miami Herald:

Cuban girl who lost her legs arrives in Miami full of hope

When she was 3 months old, Alexa Prieto was admitted to the pediatric hospital in the Marianao section of Havana with a fever and diarrhea. Two days later, she contracted a severe infection, and doctors amputated her legs to save her life.

After four surgeries and unsuccessful attempts to make prostheses for her, the now 3-year-old girl arrived in Miami Thursday with new hope, on a humanitarian visa, for treatment and prostheses that fit.

“This has been a miracle. My dream is to see my girl walk,” her mother, Jacqueline Vidal Torres, said after landing at the Miami International Airport.

Alexa has never stood. Her right leg was amputated above the knee and the left below it. She will have months of rehabilitation, thanks to the Prostesis Sin Frontera foundation headed by orthopedics specialists Dr. Armando Quirantes.


Before they came, Quirantes has sent prosthetic materials to doctors in Cuba to try making them there.

“The family took her to the hospital and they started to prepare the prostheses, but they couldn’t do it perfectly. She got blisters and could not adapt. Luckily, the damage was not permanent,” he said.

Alexa’s mother said the Cuban-made prostheses “did not have the quality needed for a 3-year-old girl.”

Vidal Torres said her daughter was the victim of “medical negligence” at the Marianao hospital because it did not have a specialist in the circulatory system.

“Her feet were completely black at one point. She had no circulation,” the mother said, and the doctors had to amputate the legs.

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