Who needs human rights in Cuba when Princess Mariela Castro will give you a little bit of those ‘gay rights’?


Cuban crown princess Mariela Castro (AKA The Booger Princess) subscribes and strictly adheres to the philosophy of her uncle, King Fidel: “Within the revolution everything, outside the revolution nothing.” Princess Mariela believes Cuba should allow gay marriage, that is as long as the island’s LGBTQ community stay within the confines of the revolution and doesn’t ask for anything crazy like human rights. Any Cuban LGBTQ activists who stray from the communist party line are dealt with quickly and ruthlessly (examples HERE, HERE, and HERE).

Via LifeSite News:

[Mariela Castro] Espin announced last month that she would be campaigning to include same-sex “marriage” in the new constitution. She leads an annual pro-LGBT march in the Cuban capital of Havana, and has made LGBT advocacy one of her priorities in running Cenesex.

However, even some favorable to redefining marriage note that they would prefer to see the reform address Cuba’s numerous violations of actual human rights, with at least one pro-LGBT advocate even acknowledging that same-sex “marriage” is not a human right.

“As important as gay ‘marriage’ would be for LGBTQ people on the island, human rights comes first,” Heriberto Sosa, president of the Miami-based Latino LGBT group Unity Coalition/Coalicion Unida, told NBC News. “If she really wants to help Cuba, she should fight for freedom of speech, freedom to vote and the welfare of all Cubans.”

Despite predictions that Castro would help the transition to a freer, more humanitarian Cuba, the country remains a police state in which the Castro family owns most business and directs policy, and the government continues to imprison political dissidents, control the media, and deny the people free elections.

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2 thoughts on “Who needs human rights in Cuba when Princess Mariela Castro will give you a little bit of those ‘gay rights’?”

  1. The “gay rights” sham in Cuba, where everybody’s HUMAN rights are routinely violated, is patently absurd. However, it’d be a little less obvious and slightly more convincing if it were led, at least nominally, by some homosexual apparatchik, as opposed to the daughter of the still acting dictator (who’s clearly minding the family business).

    Anybody who buys Mariela Castro’s “liberation” shtick is at best painfully clueless, but one must admit the ruse has been a success, most notoriously among foreign homosexuals. Reinaldo Arenas would certainly have known better, but all too often people simply believe (or pretend to believe) what suits them.

    And by the way, despite the formerly overt and aggressive homophobia of the Castro regime, there were always “house gays,” both male and female, who purchased their “acceptance” by being unconditionally servile and suitably useful to the “revolution.” Their supposedly mucho macho overlords didn’t respect them, of course, but if they’d been respectable they wouldn’t have been house gays.

  2. Gee, why would Mariela carry a sign in English? Could it be for foreign consumption of her PR ploy? Do tell.

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