Hollywood’s Benicio Del Toro bashes Pres. Trump as “A CRUEL MONSTER!” but idolizes Che Guevara as “A COOL and GROOVY GUY!”

“The actor, a father to a six-year-old daughter, also spoke out against the Trump administration’s policy of sending those separated children to mass detention centers…”I don’t understand what’s going on with the United States government… It’s cruel. What’s the morality inside this monster (Donald Trump) for separating children from their parents? I don’t know. The bottom line: this has to stop.” (Benicio Del Toro, June 19. 2018)

“GROOVY name!…GROOVY man!…GROOVY politics!… So I came across a picture of Che, smiling, in fatigues, I thought, ‘Dammit, this guy is COOL!-looking!” (Benicio del Toro.)

“Wild and Crazy Guys!'” whereas Che Guevara is merely “COOL and GROOVY!” (according to Del Toro)…..le RRRONCA!

Well, there you have it, amigos. In effect, Benicio del Toro, who fulfilled an obvious fantasy by starring as Che Guevara in the four-and-a-half-hour movie he also co-produced in conjunction with the Castro-regime’s propaganda ministry, revealed the inspiration (and daunting intellectual exertion) of millions of Che fans.


(All Che Guevara quotes above fully-documented here.)

Above left please note the professional identification on Tamayo’s  shirt pocket: “Ministerio del Interior” (Ministry of the Interior” i.e. secret police.) And please note the elation on del Toro’s face–upon one of his frequent red-carpet visits to the Castro fiefdom–to be congratulated by the secret policemen of a regime that jailed and tortured at rates to rival Stalin’s during the Great Terror and murdered more political prisoners in it’s first three years in power than Hitler’s murdered in it’s first six.

The New York Times (no less!) admitted that the Che Guevara movie Benicio del Toro co-produced in conjunction with Castro’s propaganda ministry was “epic hagiography.”

“Even here in Poland many people were duped into believing the myth of Che Guevara. After reading Fontova’s excellent book, they will have have no excuse.” (Tomaz Pompowski, Polska Times,–division of The London Times– Warsaw, Poland)

“I read Fontova’s book on Che Guevara in two sittings– I could not put it down.”  (Radio and Fox News superstar Mark “The Great One” Levin.)

Castro is considered lovable by many celebrities–but the fact is the Cuban people are suffering. It’s well worth reading a book by Humberto Fontova, who lists all the facts–and also footnotesthem!” (Radio Superstar Dennis Prager.)

“A great expose’ of Hollywood pinheads” (Bill O’Reilly on Fidel; Hollywoods Favorite Tyrant.)

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  1. Benecio (not a typo), who looks like Herman Munster’s “special” brother, is someone with a vacant skull absurdly enabled to display his hollowness for mass viewing. To his credit, of sorts, he is more stupid than obnoxious, so that unlike the case of, say, Sean Penn, one can pity the fool. Maybe.

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