Two killed in Nicaragua as the people continue to protest against Marxist dictator Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua’s Marxist dictator Daniel Ortega continues to use violence and repression to maintain his grip on power. As thousands of Nicaraguans took to the streets this weekend calling for Ortega to step down, the dictator once again took a page from the Cuban Castro-communist playbook and responded with violent repression and murder.

At least two protestors were killed by government forces over the weekend and nearly a dozen injured. Like his allies in Havana, Ortega knows his only chance to remain in power is to use repression and murder.

Via AFP:

At least two dead in Nicaragua’s day of anti-Ortega marches

At least two demonstrators were killed and 11 others wounded in Nicaragua Saturday, a rights group said, as thousands of demonstrators marched against President Daniel Ortega across the Central American country.

Dubbed the Flowers March, the protests honored the youth killed in the more than two months of anti-Ortega unrest met with repression by government forces that has left at least 220 people dead.

A 23-year-old street vendor was shot in the head when some of the marchers strayed off the scheduled route, according to rights groups.

“This is something incredibly difficult,” said Luis Ortiz, the man’s elderly father, who fought alongside the president decades ago when Ortega was a Sandinista rebel commander.

“I never imagined that my son would die in the hands of someone with whom I fought so hard. I gave my sweat and my blood… I am an injured vet, too.

“I am still a Sandinista,” he added, “but not with Daniel,” referring to the president.

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