Ben Rhodes and his role in Obama’s Cuba policy rebuked by mother of murdered Brothers to the Rescue pilot

Ben Rhodes helped free the Cuban spy imprisoned for his role in the murder of these four innocent men from Brothers to the Rescue to appease Cuba’s murderous Castro dictatorship.

Of all the Obama Bros™, Ben Rhodes is perhaps the most insidious of them all. Unable to realize his dream of writing fiction novels, he instead wrote fictional foreign policy for President Obama. For Rhodes, the plots and characters of his fictional foreign policy tales were more important than the real lives destroyed by Cuba’s murderous Castro dictatorship.

Rhodes played a major role in the treachery that allowed a Cuban spy who was behind the murder of American citizens go free. He deserves every word of rebuke and scorn for his contemptible acts and cowardly refusal to take responsibility for his treachery.

Susan Crabtree in the Washington Free Beacon:

Mother of ‘Brothers to The Rescue’ Victim Assails Ben Rhodes

The mother of one of four young American men killed by the Castro regime in 1996 is decrying new details of the secret shuttle diplomacy that preceded the Obama administration’s rapprochement with Cuba, which a top Obama official revealed this week.

Ben Rhodes, who served as President Obama’s deputy national security adviser, in an interview with Univision that aired earlier this week, disclosed that he played a key role in paving the way for the political thaw with Cuba, meeting 20 times with then Cuban President Raul Castro’s son, Alejandro Castro Espin, and dining several times with Raul Castro himself.


Those new details re-opened emotional wounds for Miriam de la Pena. She is the mother of Mario de la Pena, one of the four men killed in the infamous “Brothers to the Rescue” shootdown, when Cuban military jets downed two American aircraft in international waters.

“I think they need to know what harm they caused and what pain they caused—how our children were murdered by that system and that I feel like they are getting killed again and again because justice is still to be seen with these criminals not being held accountable and our president shaking hands and laughing and partying with the perpetrators,” she told the Washington Free Beacon.

Along with De la Pena and several other families of the victims of the 1996 shootdown, several lawmakers, including Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), as well as Florida’s Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Ron DeSantis, have recently called on the Trump administration to indict Raul Castro for his role in the murders.

De la Pena also accused the Obama administration of lying to her and the other parents of the murdered pilots, telling her that negotiations with Cuba over the return of imprisoned U.S. government worker Alan Gross would not involve the return of Gerardo Hernandez.

Hernandez was the ringleader of the Cuban Five who was convicted in the U.S. on spying charges and conspiracy to commit murder for his role in the 1996 shootdown in the U.S. and sentenced to a lengthy prison term in 2001.

In the two years preceding Obama’s decision to renew diplomatic ties with Havana, which he announced in early December 2014, De la Pena said she and others had several meetings with State Department officials on the Cuba desk in which they were assured that Hernandez would not be released as part of a prisoner swap.

“They were telling us that is not on the table and that is not being negotiated,” she recalled in an interview. “Rhodes was getting closer to the victimizers of American citizens and yet the families of the victims are being lied to?”

By the time Obama announced his new policy with Cuba, Hernandez was already released to his home country, where he was receiving a “hero’s welcome,” she said.

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  1. Oh, this poor lady hasn’t read the memo. It clearly states that “those people” are all there to be screwed.

    As for little Ben, just look at him. I mean, what else could such a screaming schmuck do but act like one?

  2. Maybe Vil Clinton can counsel the families of the murdered pilots. I mean, he’s obviously made his peace with the matter. His meeting with “General” Castro in NYC in 2016 was the epitome of “reconciliation.”

  3. Really, just look at Rhodes’s face. How could anybody take him seriously? Even Joe Biden can fake it better on a good day. The guy doesn’t just look painfully dim–we’re talking cretin with attitude. How could the first country in the world even begin to accept such a little twerp in such a position? Oh, wait, it’s the same country that elected Obama president, and twice. Never mind.

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