North Korea’s Kim Jong-un writes love letter to King Raul of Castrogonia

I’m horning in on your yuuge love affair, Raul… Lil’ Kim Rocket Man is all mine now…

From our Love Lives of the Rich and Infamous Bureau:

It looks as if the Little Emperor Kim Jong-un (a.k.a. “Rocket Man”) might be a bit nervous about his recent dalliance with the Trumpinator.

After all, those photos of Kim and Trump could give King Raul the impression that his North Korean lover is cheating on him

So, the Little Emperor has written a love letter to King Raul, assuring him of his true love.

Awwww.  This is so touching, Mildred.  These two lovebirds are a match made in Heaven!  So glad to see that the romance is still hot and heavy!

…and I hope this letter from Lil’ Kim will work its magic with King Raul…He can be a jealous brute, you know….

“Psst, oye, Trucutú, coño, este chinito me está pegando los tarros,”…

From Yonhap News Agency (South Korea):

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent a personal letter to Raul Castro, the head of Cuba’s ruling communist party, the North’s state-run media said Sunday.

The Korean Central News Agency carried a report on the Workers’ Party of Korea Vice Chairman Ri Su-yong’s July 5 talks with Castro, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, three days after the meeting Sunday.

“Ri courteously conveyed the warm greetings and verbal personal letter sent by Kim Jong-un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, to Raul Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba,” according to the KCNA.

“Raul Castro Ruz expressed deep thanks for this and asked Ri Su-yong to convey his most wholehearted greetings to Kim Jong Un. The talk took place in a friendly atmosphere,” the report said.

The exchange is the latest sign of North Korea restoring close ties with its traditional allies in the midst of its whirlwind diplomacy to reset relationships with the United States and South Korea.

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