Miami Republicans Score Big With Women Candidates

It’s a story a Democrat will never want to hear: Leading women candidates are all Republican cubanoamericanas.

Rey Anthony in Medium:

Miami Republicans Score Big with Women Candidates

A record number of Republican women are running for office in Miami-Dade

This election cycle, a record number of legislative seats will be contested by Republican women candidates in Miami-Dade: State House districts 105, 112, 115, and 119, State Senate District 40, and Florida’s 27th Congressional District.

This is appropriate as many of Miami’s most successful elected officials are Cuban-American Republican women who have long careers of winning with large margins by crafting well-known independent-minded records of service. They include trailblazers such as: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, School Board Member Marta Pérez, and Miami-Dade County Commission Chair emeritus Rebeca Sosa.

In this mold, Republicans scored a major recruit in Miami-Dade College Trustee Marili Cancio to take back Senate District 40 from incumbent Taddeo. Born in Miami to Cuban exiles, Cancio, 52, is an attorney, businesswoman, mother, grandmother, community leader, and regular media contributor who is well-regarded among community circles for her steadfast support of local causes. Cancio was appointed by Governor Scott to the Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding and is a vocal advocate for Human Rights and democracy movements across the Americas.

“Marili Cancio is brilliant! She has all the qualifications and we are excited that she is running!” said longtime Miami-Dade Republican State Committeewoman Liliana Ros who is optimistic about Cancio’s chances at winning the seat for the GOP. “This is not only about the Republican Party, this is about the community as a whole” added Ros “We definitely need many more intelligent hard-working women like Marili in public office!”.

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  1. Alas, being Republican and/or Cuban guarantees nothing. Yes, one should always choose the lesser evil in politics, but I’m not voting for anybody simply for being Cuban. Lord knows we’ve had enough disappointments, to put it mildly.

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