Canadian tourist trapped in Cuba, denied his apartheid status

Toufik Benhamiche

From our Canadians Being Treated Like Cubans Bureau:

Here we go again.

A Canadian tourist is caught in the web of the Castro legal system and begging for help from his government.

He wants to be treated as a Canadian rather than as a Cuban.

It’s a very tragic story, which involves the death of another Canadian tourist, and the prolonged separation of a man from his wife and children, so this is no smirking matter, as is the case with most of these stories.

And there are a lot of stories like this one.

Why would any Canadian want to go to Cuba, given the risks involved?  It’s not as if the Canadian press keeps quiet about tragedies involving tourists in Castrogonia.

So, the key question that needs to be asked here is why do a million or more Canadians continue traveling to Castro, Inc.’s apartheid resorts, year after year?

Maybe the allure of feeling superior to Cubans is irresistible, despite the very obvious danger of being turned into a Cuban once one gets there.

Or could it be the allure of iconic monuments to Saint Che, which are perfect spots for photos?

From CBC

Cuba’s top court has overturned the conviction of a Quebec man who was sentenced to four years in prison following a boating accident that killed a fellow tourist, but Toufik Benhamiche still isn’t allowed to come home and is asking Canada for help.

?A year after his all-inclusive vacation turned into a nightmare, Benhamiche, 47, told CBC News that being so far from his wife and two young daughters, age six and eight, “is the most punishing thing of all.”

“I miss my daughters. I miss my wife. I miss my family,” he said

“It’s impossible to live in this way. It’s very hard, and it’s very difficult for me and my family also.”

Benhamiche was driving a motorboat as part of a tourist excursion with his family in July 2017 in Cayo Coco when it veered out of control, striking and killing Jennifer Ann Marie Innis, a mother of three from Ontario.

He was sentenced to four years for criminal negligence causing death, but Cuba’s Supreme Court has since found flaws in a lower court’s handling of the case and reversed all its decisions.

Benhamiche said the high court has even put the blame on the tour operators instead.

?Despite the legal victory, Benhamiche has been told he can’t leave the country while Cuban prosecutors re-examine the case and potentially reopen it — a process that could take one or two years…

… Because Cuba is forcing him to stay in the country, checking in with immigration officials every day to ensure he hasn’t fled, Benhamiche can’t work, and money is tight.

He has been borrowing from family, he said, and the news that he must continue to stay in the country was “very discouraging.”

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  1. Could these pictures be any better? First there’s the one of our “victim” as a tourist posing in front of the Che thingie – wow – what comeuppance. then those parallel pictures of the tourist area and the local Cuban street.

    Send this post to the Canadian government and demand that these pictures with captions be placed in every travel agent’s office and on every website.

    Hey, babalu how come you don’t send us notifications of comments anymore?

  2. There may well be multiple factors behind the evident wrongheadedness of Canadians, but one of them must clearly be stupidity, which is different from ignorance. The stupid may have access to all sorts of information, but their behavior is not based on the reasonable analysis and use of data, so they will still act stupidly. This would also explain the unbelievable foolishness of choosing someone like Justin Trudeau, whose inappropriateness is painfully obvious, as head of state. In effect, we’re talking cretinism.

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